Your comprehensive guide on acquiring websites already in use

There are moments when it’s truly too late to make changes and going forward is riddled with complications. Not having ownership of the website name of your business name is one such occasion. But not to worry! We’re here with solutions to how you can fix this issue once and for all.  Here’s your comprehensive guide on acquiring websites already in use.

Double-check for different top-level domains

The .com part of a URL is technically identified as the top-level domain, and if you didn’t know, you should never ever have to settle for the most popular extension at all. For example, let us assume that the business that has your designer website name and yours are quite different by nature of the services and the products.

Hence, if one of your customers visited their website, they’d know they’re in the wrong place. However, you can always get yourself an entirely new domain name with a changed top-level domain such as, .online, .biz, .store, or even .co and that would resolve the issue just like that.

Find out the owners and a method of contact

If you’re in a situation where you absolutely need to have ownership of a specific website, it’s about time you find out who the owners are. 95% of the website owner can be found out by free and paid internet searching services focused on domain registries. The biggest benefit of these services is that you can know all the previous owners.

Once you discover the current owners, it’s a matter of contacting them. But before you contact the owners, you should be well prepared.

Pitch your need and hear their counteroffer

There are two types of websites on the internet: the functioning websites, and the owned yet malfunctioning websites. Needless to that the malfunctioning ones are cheaper. But depending on the necessity that you present, they might have the upper hand. As a rule of thumb, you can mention how you’re to purchase as many as top-level domains, even if that’s not the plan A.

On the flip side, there can be well-functioning business websites to which you need to pitch a deal. In doing so, you need to be well aware of the general value of such a website. Once you hear their counteroffer, be sure to request the statistics regarding the current internet traffic for better bargaining.

Inquire about their hosting company and type of hosting

Even if you get a hold of the website, their existing hosting plan just might not be enough. On the flip side, dedicated hosting should be an option only if it is necessary. If you realized that their registrar was of poor quality, you might have to transfer the website. Although the best hosting companies don’t charge for transferring, the sellers don’t need to know that.

Golden rule – consult a hosting company

In an evaluation of all these factors, you should understand that some of these measures can be quite difficult to fulfill on your own. Why should you when there are the best hosting companies with local resources?


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