Why Storage Should Never Be an Issue for Your Company

Storage can be a headache for most companies, especially those who require to store bulk amounts of materials which are often not even their own like exporting companies for example. Storage can often lead to a wastage of space for the company and not to mention ever-increasing fixed costs in the long run. Storage manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to provide innovative and cost-effective storage options for their clients. Manufacturers like Schaefer, for example, have been able to take great strides in the industry which include things like used and unused racks, cutting-edge pallets and new forms of shelving. A large range of storage options is now available in the market to those who are in the hunt to provide the best storage facilities for their clients. Pallet racking has been long known to be a popular form of storage as it maximizes the storage space available in warehouses. There are various factors you need to consider when choosing the right type of pallet racking for your warehouse. Let us take a look at some of the forms of Pallet racking used in the industry.

Cantilever Racking

This type of racking is more commonly used in storing long products and is useful when storing long pieces of timber and steel rods. This racking is essentially made out of long arms which points to its framework. Cantilever racking does not have a front column which gives them the distinct advantage of having more storage space than their counterparts. These arms are built very strong so as to accommodate various types of bulky items.

Selective Racking

This is probably the most commonly used form of pallet racking and the main benefit that you get from this storage system is that this allows you to easily access the pallet you seek through the aisle of the structure itself. The structure itself is supported by load beams which give it a good level of stability. Selective racking can be configured to the size of your choice and is also easy to fix in terms of installation. All these characteristics make it a much betterstorage option than most other alternatives.

Push Back Racking

This form of pallet racking comes in roll form which allows the user to access the materials required on the last-in to first out basis. This type of racking is effective when used for storing multiple typesof items and you want them clearly segmented and separated. It accommodates specific selections and stores your inventory in an orderly and neat manner.

Drive-In Racking

This form of racking is used when you need to maximize the floor space available in your warehouse. It is popular for having less aisles and is therefore more accessible for users. They are seen as a cost-effective solution and might just be what the doctor ordered for companies who spend large amounts of money on their budget on storage. Drive-in racking pallets are also specially designed to be easily compatible with forklifts.


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