Why Is Cleaning Gutter Important? How To Do It

Cleaning the gutter is something that every house owner should pay attention to. Keeping the gutter clean will ensure the house is well kept and it also prevents you from experiencing any sort of unnecessary cost in the future.

Why do gutters get blocked

Gutters can get blocked over time. Fallen leaves, twigs and other dirt fall into the gutter overs some time the gutters can get blocked. Especially during the wet season, the leaves and dirt can get stuck to the wall and floors of the pipe which blocks the proper drainage of water. Over time the leaves will get degraded and moss and weeds start growing, if this is not taken care of on time these weeds can grow into another reason why it can become clogged.

Damage that occurs due to unclean and clogged gutter.

Damage by water

When gutters become blocked the water cannot drain properly then the water overflows and cause damage to the interior and exterior of the house. Not only does it overflow it may also leak inside. Leaking water can damage the wooden structure in your house and cause moisture to enter your house and during winter this is going to be a nightmare.

Damage the gutter system

When your gutter is blocked the water that gets in will lead to the weighing down of the gutter. At one point this heavy weight can cause the bending of the gutter and bring them off from the roof.

Cause foundation damage

A properly working gutter carries water from a downspout away from the house, but a clogged one will lead to spilling along the sides of the house. This water can seep deep into the foundation causing cracks in the foundation.

A place where insects breed

Stagnant water is the ideal place for mosquito breeding. Even moist leaves and attract bees and the wasps to build their nest.

The above reasons show the importance of a clean gutter. Cleaning gutters is not a difficult task. You can do it by yourself or hire gutter cleaners Melbourne has many services.

When do you need to clean the gutter?

It depends on the area and the number of trees in your area. Usually, the preferred time for cleaning the gutter is during spring or autumn

How do you clean the gutter by yourself?

Cleaning the gutter is not a difficult task. First, you need to gather all the necessary equipment.

The equipment you would need is a ladder, a scoop to remove the dirt, a tarp to put the debris and a garden hose.

Spread a tarp on the ground to put the debris, to reach the gutter you would need a good sturdy ladder. Place it properly so you won’t slip. If you want you can use a ladder stabilizer. Once you have reached the gutter using the scoop remove all the debris that you can remove with the scoop and put it on the tarp and wash the rest of the debris away with the garden hose.


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