What to Know About Telehealth

The internet has brought everything a lot closer and it has done that to healthcare as well. You are read the side effects of medications that you are using and check how you can improve your nutrition and adopt a healthier lifestyle. But what if you were able to manage your healthcare using the internet as well? This is where telehealth comes in.

If you are wondering “what is telehealth?” it is an application that allows for remote access of health care services through mobile devices and computers. The electronic equipment you have at home can easily be used to connect with a health care professional in order to facilitate your health. If you are suffering from a long term condition like diabetes, you need to monitor your health closely for any changes. You can keep up on your health by using your mobile phone to upload your food logs, blood sugar levels and doses of medication you take to manage it. All of this information can then be reviewed by a medical professional who will be able to provide an opinion on your disease management. There are also apps that you can use to estimate the amount of insulin you require based on the food you have consumed. There are also online portals to book appointments with doctors and request a refill of your prescription.

You can also order medication and testing equipment online. You can set reminders on your phone to let you know when you need to go for your check-ups, get a flu shot etc. The main objective of telehealth is to make healthcare services more accessible to patients. There are people who don’t have the time to come in for check-ups or those who live far away from medical clinics or hospitals and have no transportation. There are people who have limited mobility whether those with health conditions, old age etc. So it is useful to make healthcare services available for those who can’t easily access them. There are people in isolated communities who can benefit from remotely accessible healthcare. There are conditions that require self-management and people who live with these conditions can get the necessary support and information through these services.

You can ask your primary care clinic whether there is an online portal for patients. This way you can contact them remotely about personal medical issues and you will be able to communicate with your doctor or a nurse when you have an issue. If the doctor or nurse deems it serious, you can then visit the clinic. If you need your prescription to be refilled, you can simply contact the clinic through the online portal. There are some clinics that offer virtual appointments that come in useful for those unable to travel to a clinic. However, these appointments are for minor conditions and diseases. There are also web based services where you are prompted to answer a series of questions. You will then be supplied with medical advice from your doctor or nurse.


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