What Does A Family Lawyer Do?

There are many specializations in the area of law but there is one area that many has asked as to what they specialize on, and that area is family law. In many cases they are just viewed like a general practitioner of law, but what really is a family lawyer and what do they do? A family lawyer can and may represent their client in the context of family legal process if the client does not or cannot represent itself, this happens in cases such a child abuse or severe family disputes.

It must also be noted that because of their specialization these lawyers are quite costly to have for their services. But regardless there is no one better in handling family related legal affairs than a family lawyer. Here are some of their specialized areas.

Prenuptial Agreements

These lawyers are very fit and are every competent to process prenuptial agreements between two parties. Prenuptial agreements are contracts that are created by both parties that are trying to settle claims and ownership and limitations as to what two parties who are about to get married will own when they will eventually get married, prenuptial agreements also consider the possibility of separation and divorce thus it most likely contains clauses for ownership of properties when they get to the eventuality of divorce or annulment. The lawyers will also see to it that the contract that will be made and signed contains no loopholes when it comes to its implementation.

Wills and Testament

When a person dies and there is a legal matter to be held in relation to their last will and testament that would be left to their family members, family law specialist are hired to be the one who will settle claims and also settle issues if the will is contended by some members of the family. Issues of property and claims by illegitimate family members are also settles by such specialist.  

Family Disputes

Disputes among family members are very common cases thus family lawyers are also specialized to deal with those incidents. Most of the common disputes are land titles which are claimed by both parties with equality legitimate papers to back their claims, also disputes on special cases such as abuse between family members and child adoption are also included on the lawyer’s specialty.


Child custody are normally handled by general practicing lawyers but those who are specialized in the field are the ones who are adept to solve or settle these cases. In many areas these lawyers are also called upon to give legal counsel in court cases where the social work department are involved, these lawyers are the legal arm of the social welfare department of the government.


In cases such as divorce it is also important to let family lawyers handle these cases. These processes are almost draining emotionally and financially to the parties who are involved and these lawyers are well-equipped within their professional means to handle these cases objectively.

All in all, each area of being a lawyer can be considered to be good in their own field of specialty.


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