Wardrobe Essentials Fit for Every Traveller

Packing up for a trip is not a simple task. There are plenty of factors to consider especially if you’re not yet familiar with your destination such as temperature, fanciness, and a lot more. Although there are some few people who can simply pack up on a whim and still be fine when they reach the destination, there are others who need careful planning with what they need to bring. To help you out, here is a simple guide on the wardrobe essentials you need to pack when going on a trip.


Since you have limited space in your luggage, a pair of versatile flats is your perfect pick for footwear. Aside from saving up some space in your bag, they can also look good in almost any kind of outfit you wear. Two pairs are enough for a trip – one with casual style for regular walking, and a fancier printed one for night outs or other events.

Neutral Tops

Next things to pack are neutral tops or shirts. Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean boring. There are plenty to choose from aside from neutral colours – striped, checker, and colour block are just a few examples of stylish neutrals. The best thing about neutral shirts is they can be accessorized easily so you can still look stylish wherever you are. Try out these fashionable The Fable shirts for stylish tops that look great on any occasion.

Black Pants or Leggings

Black pants and leggings are super stylish and classy no matter what you wear it with. It is very versatile and can be worn on night outs, parties, formal events or even casual days. Choose one with a good fit for a smart and classy look no matter how many times it has been worn.

Black Dress

The little black dress is almost a must-have whether you’re travelling or not. It is one of the surest outfits you can pick if you’re looking for a quick outfit for a formal event or night out. There’s no need to worry if it looks plain and simple since you can easily accessorize it with jewelleries, belt, scarf, and other pieces. When travelling, make sure to bring one that is made from wrinkle-resistant material to retain its look even after being stored in the luggage.

Trench Coat

Dressing up in layers is a common rule among travellers. You don’t know if it is cold or warm where you’re going so it is better to be prepared no matter the weather is. A trench coat works well with sneakers and even high heels, depending on the look you want to achieve. You can even pair it with your little black dress if you’re going out. When choosing a trench coat to bring, choose one that is made with lightweight material so you can wear it either on cold or warm weather.

Packing up for a trip is definitely a challenge. With these guides, you can be sure that you have all the essentials without getting stressed out.

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