Useful Accessories for Ballet

Ballet is an art form that requires a lot of dedication and because of the demands of the art such as long hours of performing and practising, there can be a lot of strain on feet and toes. There are some useful accessories that you can use to alleviate some of this and make sure that you are comfortable in your performance.

Many of these accessories are related to the pointe shoes.

You can get More to the Pointe studio and pointe essentials to help you in your performances. One such useful accessory is box liners for pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are customised by the ballerinas depending on what they prefer. Toes tend to get a lot of beating in ballet and when you have a rigid box of pointe shoes, it can lead to a lot of toe discomfort. This is because of the increased friction. What you can do to alleviate this is use box liners to fit inside the box of pointe shoes. These are soft cushioned pads that will give your toes some extra comfort. There are many materials for box liners such as fabric, gel and foam and you can get them in different thicknesses depending on your preferences. The fit of the pointe shoes can be improved with box liners and this will reduce development of blisters as well.        

There is also a lot of friction of

The big toe and second toe which is why you can purchase gel cushionsespecially for this. Gel cushioned designs for the big toes and the second toes can protect them from developing calluses and blisters. These tend to be quite common for anybody practicing ballet but you can definitely ensure overall comfort with these el cushions. They absorb shock and impact which will help you prevent tow pain during practising and performing. There are so many different movements and techniques in ballet and you need to make sure you are stable throughout the performance. If you do develop blisters, you can use hydrogel dots to manage them. These will promote fast healing and will protect the area. These dots help with healing as they create a moist environment that accelerates the natural healing process of your body.

Maintaining balance can be improved with the use of heel rippers.

These are essentially adhesive pads that can be attached to the back of the heel inside the pointe shoe and this will prevent your feet from slipping. You will be able to keep your feet secure as a result. If you tend to experience heel slipping or if you have narrow heels, heel grippers can be a life saver when it comes to performing intense movements. There are also adhesive sock liners that can be used to create a barrier between the interior of the shoe and the skin. Some ballet dancers tend to wear socks with the pointe shoes and they will be able to use these adhesive sock liners so that fraction is reduced. This is a great way to reduce the build-up of moisture as well when it comes to long rehearsals.


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