Types of Infant and Toddler Toys to Avoid

Are you careful about the choices you make as a parent, even when it comes to play time and toys in particular? It in fact, is a good thing. When it comes to infant and toddler toys, there are really cool ones that your child can learn from, and there are others that may not be really great for children, for many reasons. Here are types of toys that you’d rather avoid. 

Toys that Are Unsafe

Toys that do not meet the standard safety requirements must be avoided completely. These toys can be hazardous to little ones in one or more ways. The ideal toy needs to have a safe design physically, with no sharp parts or edges that can cause an injury.

Infant and toddler toys should not contain little strings, buttons or other attachments that are all considered hazardous. In addition, avoid batter toys of which the cases and covers are not firm and if any of the parts seem flimsy. 

Toys that Promote Violence

Toy guns that come in cute colours may appear completely harmless, but are best avoided. As children grow, they learn to associate objects with actions. This will lead to healthy learning and positive behaviour only if parents and educators provide children with the right tools and the right environments.Thus, toy guns, video games and other visuals that promote violence, discrimination, poor habits and behaviour need to be avoided. 

Toys that Are Impractical 

Entertainment is not what you intend to offer your child when you hand him a toy, but learning and experiencing in a fun way. Toys that don’t really ‘do’ anything are not going to benefit your bub in any way.

If there is no engagement, action and response involved, you might as well avoid them as they’d turn out to be a waste of time, money, and of course, space! Instead, opt for educational toys such as those from Grimms, that are super engaging and fun for kids. Get online, Look for the website and order Grimms today

Toys of Poor Quality

One thing you would need to be more than sure about is the quality and durability of your little one’s toys. You do not want to invest in toys that come apart easily. In fact, you will look for toys that are exactly the opposite – string, firm, and extremely durable.

Children will fling and throw their toys around a million times, even gnaw them if they feel like it. Therefore, quality and durability are key characteristics to look for. As explained previously, you see that a good quality toy ensures safety, too. 


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