Tips to Decorate Your Christmas tree

Are you looking for new ways to decorate your Christmas tree? Or have you just moved into your own place and is looking for brilliant ways to decorate your tree for the first time? Whatever your situation is, here are some tips you can follow when decorating your tree for the festival season.

Choose a Colour Scheme

You can choose any colour scheme you like for the tree depending on your preference. The traditional scheme is red, green and gold. You can use several decorative trinkets of red and hanging christmas Gold Baubles in Australia which are common traditions, and these can give your tree the classic finish. If you want the tree to have a more wintery look, choose the silver, white and the blue theme. A white tree paired with silver decorations and blue light can add a bit of extra colour to the place. However, don’t limit yourself to these two options. Think outside the box and maybe you can come up with a unique style.


The type of garland you choose will help to determine the texture of your tree. You can choose either beads, ribbon or foil. You will have to use two lines of garlands for every foot of the tree. The best way to add garlands to your tree is before adding the baubles and other decorations. This will prevent you from knocking off the smaller decorations and save you the trouble of hanging them again. For a better look, you can match your garland with the colour scheme you have chosen. Silver and gold are some of the neutral colours that will go with any scheme, so if you have a hard time determining the colour of the garland, stick to those two colours.


After the garland, it is time to hang the baubles. The easiest way is to start from inside the tree and coming your way out. Instead of randomly hanging them, make sure you use the larger ones at the base and closer to the centre of the tree. Use the smaller ones to decorate the ends of the branches. This can give more depth to the tree. Also, use the plain ones at the base and the more decorative baubles can be hung closer to the top to give your tree a fancy look. However, be careful and selective when you choose baubles to decorate the tree. Make sure they match but also select at least three sizes to add variety.


And the final touch of the tree decorating the topper. If you want to make sure your Christmas tree really stands out, the baubles and the garlands and the colour scheme will not be enough unless there is a really unique and eye-catching topper to adorn the tree. You can use the traditional ones, the star or the angel that represent the Star of Bethlehem and the angels who announced the birth of Jesus. One of the new types of modern toppers includes the snowflake. Keep in mind that whether you use a traditional one or a new kind of topper, there are a variety of designs from wooden to plastic to handmade paper crafts you can choose from. Therefore, even if you go for the traditional one, you can still pick out a unique design.

Always make sure the decorations you choose for your tree are not too large or too heavy for the tree.  This will make sure the decorations will stay in one place and the tree will not lean or be imbalanced due to too much of weight.

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