Thoughtful Gifts for Moms-To-Be

Choosing a gift for an expectant mom needs to be more thoughtful than the usual. There are plenty of things you could gift a mom-to-be especially all those new baby stuffs to help her prepare for her coming bundle of joy. However, moms need some care too and she’d definitely appreciate it if you gift her something that she could use too especially during those hard times of pregnancy and after giving birth.

If you’re looking for a perfect and thoughtful gift idea for a mom-to-be friend or relative, here are some of the best things you could choose from.

Maternity Bathrobe

During pregnancy, it can be hard for a woman to find comfy clothing because of the drastic changes in her body especially in size and comfort preferences. One of the best things you could gift her is a comfy maternity bathrobe. She could use it during her pregnancy and even during her hospital stay. Aside from ultimate comfort, look for stylish ones as well to make her look and feel good while wearing it.

Pamper Box

Aside from comfortable clothing, you could also treat her with pampering gifts to help her feel relaxed during her pregnancy or even while she’s already recovering from childbirth. A pregnancy gift box could have belly butter, moisturizing lotion or cream, bath bombs, soothing body wash, and many more. This gift will surely help pamper herself after all those challenges of pregnancy and childbirth.

Nausea Relief Kit

Women who are at the first months of their pregnancy usually experience nausea or morning sickness which can really be a bother to handle every day. If your friend experiences this, she would truly appreciate a nausea relief kit as a present. You can choose from a variety of products such as tea and lozenges. This gift would surely help make her mornings a lot easier than it was before.

Snack Basket

Having a stash of healthy snacks would truly be appreciated especially when their midnight cravings come in. Create your own snack basket specially made for your friend by filling up a basket with healthy snacks such as trail mix, granola bars, popcorn, fresh fruits, whole grain treats, and many more. Dry snacks are better as gifts since it’s easy to transport plus they could keep it in their bag even for a long time. Whenever they need a snack, they’ll have something to get in their bag or pocket.

Pregnancy Pillow

Getting a comfortable sleeping position can be hard for pregnant women because of the changes in their physical structure. However, you can help her get the best sleep by gifting her a comfy pregnancy pillow. Its design is unlike any other pillow. It is shaped to follow the natural contour and shape of a pregnant woman, helping her find the best and comfortable sleeping position.

Gifting your soon-to-be-mom friend or relative is a great way to show that you care. Choose your gifts wisely by going for products that would help make her pregnancy and childhood journey more relaxed and comfortable.


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