The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Restaurant for your First Date

If you are looking to impress your date, what better idea than to take him/her out to a romantic candle light dinner. This may be your only idea in mind but there are several other factors you should be taking in to consideration such as the lighting and your date’s preferences.

Here are some tips to helping you pick the right kind of restaurant for the first date:

Choose a restaurant you like

While there may be several fancy places to get a candle lit dinner, it is best to pick places that you know and love. If you love visiting the best restaurant in Mildura then this might be a venue you should consider for your first date. This way you will have a better idea on the good options in the menu and it may help you ease those nerves at a comfortable setting such as a restaurant you have already visited.

Get to know your date’s preferences before hand

You would not want to encounter a disastrous first date to a sea food restaurant by not knowing that your date is highly allergic to sea food. To avoid the night going awry it is best to contact your date beforehand so you can be aware of their preferences while trying to choose a restaurant.

Be aware of the menu and the price

It is well known that you should not visit a five-star restaurant on a 2-star budget. Don’t take the risk of embarrassing your date and yourself when you aren’t able to pay the bill. You could do some research on the prices and the menu of a restaurant before you make a choice. Don’t be too stingy and end up taking your date on a trip to KFC either.

Consider the choice of music in the restaurant

As this is your first date, you would probably wish to get to know a bit about one another over dinner, so it is best to pick out a restaurant that has light music to ease the awkward atmosphere and help you both relax in to the date. Make sure to check up on this to prevent having a silent dinner due to the loud music.

Go for good service

While the restaurant of your choice may have the best lighting and music, it would all be in vain if the restaurant does not provide a good customer service. The service could end up impressing your date instead of making them sour as you wait long hours to get your food.

Reserve a table

What is the point of pouring over those menus, calculating prices and reading customer reviews if you do not end up getting a table at the restaurant of your choice? To avoid the chances of this occurring, it is best to reserve a table prior to the day of your date.

With the right lighting and music, you and your date could still end up enjoying the date even if you end up parting ways. Follow this guide and you may just end up getting that second date.


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