The Perfect Office Wear for Different Body Types

Dressing for work is something that every professional needs to master. Your personality will be reflected in the way that you choose to dress for work and if you dress it right you can actually create a professional and positive impression in the minds of your colleagues and your clients alike that will help you to gain career success. This can also be referred to as grooming oneself to gain career success. The office wear that you choose will also greatly depend on the type of body that you have and selecting the business wear that is just right for your figure will help you shine better. Here are some of the body types and what suits best on them.

For The Hourglass-Shaped Body

For this beautiful body type, the best bet would be to go along the lines of a midi skirt paired with a V neck blouse. If you have wide hips however and do not wish to draw attention to your thigh area, wear a skirt that flows away from your body and is fitted at the slimmest point of your waistline. This way you will create that look of being elongated and tall even if you are petite. A V neck blouse is ideal because it will draw the eye away from the bust area and will focus on the mid-section. You can similarly wear baggy trousers that will create the same effect too. You can buy wide leg pants online in Australia based on where you are living at affordable prices. Therefore it makes for a very easy outfit to put together as well.

Apple-Shape Body Shape

Have you ever worn a long or short swing dress for work? If you have a heavy upper body you should definitely try this one on for size. Pair up your swing dress with a short jacket to add that vibe of professionalism and make sure that the print or colour in your dress is one that is suitable for work. The advantage of wearing a swing dress would be that it will not focus on the heavy upper body and the jacket will help it look like a narrower frame too.

An Athletic Build

If you have an athletic build you would definitely be sporting strong shoulders along with a slim and thin waistline. The best outfit for you would be somewhat figure hugging but appropriate for business. a pencil skirt paired with a wrap blouse would work wonders on you and even figure-hugging dresses would suit you really well. As long as you do not wear anything that is baggy and ill-fitting you should actually be able to flatter many types of outfits.

Pear-Shaped Body

If you have a pear-shaped body you would have wider hips than your upper body and if you want to draw your attention away from wide hips wear a figure-hugging top paired with flared trousers. Because of the flare in the trouser, your hips will not be the point of focus but your slim upper body will definitely be.

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