The entire NutriPATH process simplified for you

The reason why doctors always have to learn everything from A to Z is due to the medical phenomenon named differential diagnosis. To simplify it, you could have a simple pain in the stomach when the reason could be just because you missed your lunch, perhaps due to ulcers in your esophagus, or even due to cancer – but they all show the same set of symptoms.

Hence, the diagnosis is extremely vital during the curing process. So, where does NutriPATH come into play?

What’s NutriPATH in a nutshell?

NutriPATH is a privately owned medical laboratory company with which a number of state and private hospitals work on a daily basis for one specific objective – medical tests. Although the hospitals might be able to do them on their own, they understand that none of the hospitals have the knowledge and technological supremacy which in turn helps everyone to cure their patients. All they have to do is send a sample.

Let’s look at the process now.

At the doctor’s

Considering the same example, let us say you happened to have a problem in your stomach. So, when the doctor is asking how you feel and conducting simple tests in the hospital, they can understand where it is going. This is where the problem of differential diagnosis comes into play.

If the doctor already had NutriPATH kits, they would issue you one. If not, they would give the prescription of the sort so you can submit that to get the ideal test kit.

At your home

Once you receive the test kit, the package is going to have a document in which the entire process will be extremely simplified for you – no medical terms but just the steps that you need to follow. If it was for gut microbiome testing, you won’t have to go out of your way to make the sample since it will be quite easy and convenient. Once you have the sample, on to the next stage.

On to delivery

This is when you post the sample to the NutriPATH organization along with a credit card payment or with a money order. But you can always hand it over to your doctor where he or she will take care of the rest for you.

Receiving the results

When NutriPATH receives your package, they would conduct the test and send all the necessary reports directly to your practitioner. During the process, although you might feel like you need a copy, especially for gut-related matters, you should know that 5-10 pages of the medical reports are extremely technical. Once that’s received, the doctor will finalize the diagnosis, and your treatments begin.

The takeaway

If not for scientifically advanced companies like NutriPATH, so many people will have to end up spending a fortune just for the identification of medical complications. Now that you know better about the entire process, it’ll be much easier to even speed up the process. In getting yourself cured the fastest, every single day counts – that’s why NutriPATH doesn’t delay anything.


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