The Advantages of Recycling Old Tyres

Tyre recycling is something that requires our urgent attention. It’s something everyone should be participating in because not only does it improve the state of our world as a whole, it also brings about great benefits both to the environment and society. What are these benefits, you ask? Well, read on and find out:

It Reduces Landfills

Regardless of how big it seems, there’s only a finite number of space in this planet. Hence, we definitely don’t want to use most of it to house landfills. Tyres are found in most landfills in Australia and they take up a ton of space because of their rounded, hollow shape. Hence, if we begin to recycle our old tyres, we can free up a large portion of our landfills instead of having to extend them.

It stops Disease from Spreading

Did you know that stagnant rainwater provides an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry fatal diseases like dengue? What’s that got to do with tyres? Because of their hollowness, tyres retain rainwater very well on their insides. In addition to this, disease-harbouring rodents can make old tyres their homes.

These are very prevalent problems in most tropical countries, where there are often no tyre recycling solutions. Fortunately for us, there are companies dedicated solely to recycling tyres Sydney wide.

It Prevents Fires

As you may know, tyres are quite flammable. As a result, tyre fires are extremely hard to put out when compared to other types. Additionally, tyre fires also release black smoke and a variety of harmful chemicals into the air. These chemicals can pollute the earth and water in the immediate areas, leading to serious problems that last several years. Plus, if you inhale enough of the smoke, it can lead to breathing complications.

It helps to Develop Useful Products

There are entire industries that are fuelled by recycled tyres. Here are three most popular ones:

Civil Engineering

There are many ways in which civil engineering projects can benefit from recycled rubber. Primarily, recycled tyres are converted into filling material that is used in many embankment and landfill projects.  Other types of tyre-derived fill include polystyrene insulation blocks and drainage aggregate.

Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF)

There are a couple of benefits to using fuel derived from tyres rather than coal or oil. For starters, TDF produces around 25% more energy than the coal. Furthermore it outputs this while polluting less in the process. The resulting ash from burning TDF actually contains much less heavy metals than certain coals. In addition, the amount of Nitrogen Oxide that is outputted is significantly less.

Ground Rubber

Ground rubber is just what it sounds like – rubber that’s used to make floor material. This includes the material that is used to make artificial sports fields and running tracks. By far the most popular ground rubber product is asphalt rubber. In the USA alone, around 12 million tyres are consumed to make this product.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to recycling tyres. They can help free up space in landfills, prevent diseases and help develop different industries.


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