Skip it with a skip bin

Also known as a skip, a skip bin is a huge waste container with an open top specially designed for loading purposes for a particular lorry type. The term skip bin is widely used in Australia, Britain and New Zealand English but the American equivalent to skip bin is dumpster.

Skip bins are the perfect solution to your waste removal nightmares. They can hold almost anything. Skip bins saves your time with less hassle. Visit skip bin hire Geelong for further information. By choosing the right type of skip bin for your project, that pile of construction debris, garden waste or broken furniture is one load away.

Types of skip bins

  • Open skip bins

Open skip bins can be mostly found on construction areas and sites which allows easy loading of waste materials.

  • Closed skip

As the name suggests closed skip bins restrict unauthorised use and are more secure than other types. Because of the limited space the volume of waste does not exceed the maximum limit given.

  • Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) skips

Much like open skips, but they are rolled onto a wagon with the help of a hook rather than being lifted by chains. Not preferred in domestic use but widely used in industrial level.

  • Mobile skip bins

Mobile skip bins are commonly set on a four-wheel trailer with a lifting mechanism that is used to load and unload the skip from the trailer. 

Skip bins are widely used to hold open-topped loads of demolition and construction waste, garden waste and other waste types.

The construction waste may compile out of a building or a demolition site. Building supplies and material can be delivered to a construction site in a skip bin, which can be used later to remove the waste and debris that arise from the same site.

Skip bins are also used for different cleaning jobs that requires much material to be taken or thrown away. 

Factories that produce large quantities of scrap metal use skip bins to dispose them.

The waste contents in the skip bins may be taken to a recycling plant, or as landfill or to be disposed of in some other way.

There are many uses of skip bins including home renovations, re-modelling, maintenance, repair projects and garden clean ups.

A skip bin can be used for anything from green waste, bricks, tiles, metal, plastics, furniture, glass and white goods. But there are a few things you cannot put like asbestos, toxic and chemical waste.

Prohibited waste in a skip bin

  • Asbestos and related products
  • Human or animal waste
  • Hazardous liquids, corrosives and toxics such as paint, oil or pesticides
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Gas bottles
  • Electronic waste like televisions, monitors and displays
  • Fluorescent tubes

In a situation where prohibited waste is discovered by the waste management company in a skip bin that has been collected, the bin may be returned to the customer to sort out the hazardous waste which may be disposed off at an appropriate facility at the cost of the customer.

Overloaded skip bins can be unsafe. Following below rules to load your bin will assure safety of all.

Not filling the bin above the rim.

Even distribution of waste by loading heavy items on the bottom and light items on the top.

Choosing the right type of skip bin according to the type of waste.

Big renovation or a small garden project, skip bins are affordable, efficient, safest and the easiest way to get rid off the unwanted waste off your property.


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