Simple Gift Ideas to Surprise Her

Whether it’s your special someone’s birthday, your anniversary, or even just an ordinary day, surprising your lady from time to time definitely keeps the romance alive in your relationship. Whether your gift is expensive or not, what matters most is the thought that you’re thinking about her by giving her a surprise present. If you’re looking for simple and affordable gift ideas that will surely please her, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some presents she’ll definitely love, no matter what the occasion is.


The sweet and simple gesture of giving her a bouquet of flowers will surely make your lady smile and brighten her mood. Although flowers don’t really last that long, she can put them on display for about a week and will definitely remind her of you and your sweet gesture.

Whether you’re giving her a full bouquet or just a few pieces of her favourite blooms, what matters most is the thoughtfulness of your gift. If you two are apart from each other, you can still surprise her by ordering a fresh bouquet online and have it delivered to her office or at her doorstep. Get fresh and lovely blooms from this online florist that offers Monday to Sunday flower delivery.

Favourite Drink

Whether your workmates or schoolmates, one of the simplest ways to surprise her on an ordinary day is to get her favourite drink. It could be coffee, hot cocoa, or anything else that she loves. It will surely make her smile with this simple gesture and would definitely want to try the drink once she opens it. Add more style to your little present by placing it in a fun or stylish container that she could keep and use later on.

Lovely Accessories                                                                                                                      

Almost every lady love accessories, whether they’re jewelleries, bags or any other little goodies. You don’t need to worry if you’re budget isn’t that much. There’s no need to gift her expensive jewels to show how much you love her. There are a variety of affordable accessories out there that your lady will surely love. From fancy trinkets, scarves, hats, little purse and a lot more, there’s surely one that will suit her style and preference.

Dinner Date

A dinner date is always one of the sweetest surprises she’d definitely love. As long as it’s not fast food, it doesn’t matter if you do it on a fancy restaurant or somewhere lesser romantic. Plan and prepare everything first by making a reservation at your chosen place. Simply tell her to be ready at a certain time without telling where you’re taking her. It will surely add to the excitement factor of your surprise. Aside from sharing a good meal together, nothing beats the gift of quality time that you’ll be giving her.

Keeping her happy and feeling loved doesn’t need to be expensive at all. Just remember that it is the thought that matters and not the price of what you give.

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