Pro Tips on How to Hang Wall Art at Home

Having art at home is a great way of expressing your personality through your home décor. You don’t need to have expensive wall arts to decorate your home. As long as you like that artwork and you feel that it expresses your personality, then you’ve found the perfect piece for your home display.

Frames, paintings and other wall arts are commonly hung on blank walls to bring life to that space. Some people find it easy to look for a perfect location for a wall hanging and it is almost natural to them on how to display it in a more interesting way. If you love to have artworks yet not sure how to display them properly, here are some of the tips on how to hang wall art like a pro.

Hang At Eye Level

Many people tend to hang their wall arts too high that they can’t be appreciated much and most likely just get ignored since it doesn’t catch much attention. Pros recommend that you should always hang wall art at eye level as much as possible. This makes it easier to see and get appreciated by your guests. First of all, you need quality art hanging string to hold your artwork securely on the hook.

To find the right level, locate the centre point of the artwork and measure 57 inches from the floor. This is where the centre of your artwork should be. However, if you’re hanging it above a furniture piece, be sure that you leave space between the furniture and the bottom of your wall art even if it doesn’t follow the 57-inch rule.

Create Balance

If you’re hanging multiple artworks in one space, arranged them in a balanced way for more style. You could do it vertically or horizontally, depending on the wall space you have. If you plan to hang them from left to right, keep the medium-sized artworks at the middle part with the bigger piece at the left and the smaller one at the right. From top to bottom, always hang the smallest ones at the top with increasing size at it goes down. You could also apply this rule when doing a diagonal display, just combine the rules and you’re all set.

Try Salon Style

Salon style art display is one of the most beautiful ways in showcasing wall arts. First, choose your main artwork to be set as a focal point of your display. Usually, it should be the biggest piece in your collection. Then, gradually add the other pieces around the main piece leaving a few inches of space between them. Salon style works perfectly if you want to display an assorted collection of wall arts such as photographs, frames, paintings, and many more. You’ll definitely have to make a lot of new holes in your wall but the result is truly satisfying.

Try out those techniques mentioned above and see how it transforms your home from simple to stylish with the help of your wall art display.


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