Must-Have Summer Accessories for Your Jeep

Jeeps and the summer months go hand in hand. The sweltering summer sun can occasionally be too much to handle, even if there is nowhere, we’d rather be than out on the trail in our Wrangler. While driving with the windows down prevents you from fully experiencing the beautiful scenery, air conditioning can offer some reprieve from the heat.

The Wrangler’s flexibility, which includes the option to detach the doors, the roof, and even the windscreen for slow-speed driving, is one of its key draws. There are a few Jeep must-haves that really can make your Wrangler more pleasurable in the hot summer months, regardless of whether you have a JK or JL.

Soft Top

Do you own a Jeep Wrangler with a hard top? For the summer, you might think about purchasing a high-quality aftermarket Wrangler soft top. When the weather changes, having multiple tops is useful, and they can completely transform the appearance of your Jeep.

Wrangler summer tops make it simple to take the top off when required and to store it afterward in the rear of your Jeep. By purchasing a secondary soft top for your Wrangler, you won’t have to fight to take off your hardtop each time you want to head out on the trail. Soft tops will provide you with the protection you require and the flexibility to quickly remove the top.

Solar Shade

The simplicity with which a soft top may be removed is what makes it so fantastic! A soft top can be easily removed, but once it is gone, there is no protection from the glaring sun. In particular, if you are riding in a place with next to no natural shade, it gets very hot on the trail. Strong wind levels are can be withheld by Wrangler solar blinds, which typically don’t need any installation changes.

On your journey to the off-road park, you won’t need to bother about it fluttering around the highway. Examine the product information for any additional elements you might need since some could need a header channel. For the purpose of preventing fading from the sun, most are UV-resistant.

Foot Pegs

Foot pegs are the ideal, reasonably priced modification to provide you with a comfortable place for your foot to relax if you want to have the doors fully taken from your Wrangler. Naturally, if you drive a manual Wrangler, you’ll always need both of your feet, but you may still provide seating for your passengers so they can relax and take it easy.

Utilizing the hinges that keep the door in place when it is closed, foot pegs are mounted to the exterior of the door. You can choose from a variety of interesting colours to give your Wrangler a wonderful splash of colour, or you can keep with black for a stealthier, more rugged appearance.You can also get an outer bumper like those offered by addictive desert designs along with the foot pegs for extra protection.

Camper Apparel

A fantastic option to extend your time outside is to go Jeep overlanding.The next time you take your Jeep camping, don’t be content with a standard tent or other inexpensive camping supplies. Your camping supplies must to be as tough and resilient as your Wrangler.

You’ll want to stock up on awnings, roof tents, and camping chairs among other Jeep necessities for the summer. Awnings might be useful on the route during the summer even if you aren’t planning to spend a night at the campsite.


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