Looking to Launch Your First E-commerce Website? Here are the DOs &DON’Ts.

The online shopping and marketplace space is getting more and more populated by the day. The number of online shoppers is also increasing. There is a lot of opportunity to be had here but most E-commerce start-ups fail before they even see their first 100 customers.

The key is to know what to do and what to avoid. Although the dos & don’ts of launching an E-commerce platform is a minefield and hardly an exhaustive list, this article aims to give the spotlight to some of the more important advice.

#1 DO play to your strengths.

Are you good at selling one product? Then design your E-commerce website to sell and merchandise, there is no need to diversify at the very start. Are you good at providing multiple products? Make your E-commerce site an online marketplace. Picking the right E-commerce solution for the long run should be a priority. For more information on that you can visit e-commerce Geelong.

#2 DON’T forget to market test your product or service.

Finding out that your product or service does not have the demand you were hoping for after spending time, money and energy building your E-commerce website is more common than you think. Instead, we encourage you to test it on a smaller scale first (maybe even by asking friends and family).

You also have the option of conducting market research through questionnaires and surveys. In any case, launching an E-commerce website before market testing is a big no.

#4 DO follow good web design practices.

Layout, navigation, colours, typography, and other elements of normal websites also apply to E-commerce websites. The more attractive it is to visitors, higher the chance of them turning into customers.

#3 DON’T confuse your customers.

If your site is an unorganized and chaotic mess, customers will find an alternative. Clutter such as unnecessary forms and buttons will only degrade the user experience, ultimately frustrating and distracting customers from buying from your site.

#6 DO give attention to SEO.

When starting out, you will be competing with a lot of other sites and Search Engine Optimization can give you the edge you need in attracting the first batches of customers. There is nothing to lose by using keywords to push your platform up the ranks of search results.

#5 DON’T ignore security.

Unlike in person, on E-commerce websites customers send their credit/debit card information through the digital space. It is very unlikely that the average person will risk their money if they doubt the security of your site.

Even when DIY E-commerce website solutions exist, it always a good idea to leave security to the professionals.

#8 DO prepare your marketing budget.

As mentioned earlier, your brand will not be popular automagically. It requires effort. It makes complete sense to allocate a certain budget for marketing your platform.

#7 DON’T expect overnight success.

This is true for anything, but even more so for E-commerce sites. It takes time and effort to build a name for your platform to be popular. Popularity of your platform will increase with time, make sure you are making sound business choices in the meantime.


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