Let’s Talk About Car Keys and Their Evolution

Car keys have greatly evolved over the years, the functionality of the car key has remained the same over the years however their design and form have changed. Car keys have greatly undergone transformations and technological modifications to make the life of the average driver that much better.

Car keys come in various shapes and sizes now in comparison to the shapes and sizes they used to come in. It would be interesting to take a look at the different types of car keys we are now accustomed to in this day and age so here we go, let’s take a look!

The evolution of Car Keys

These small yet important objects that are inextricably linked to our vehicles came from humble beginnings and were very basic keys with next to zero security features back in the day. Most basic car keys are machine cut and extremely easy to duplicate hence why car robbery was at an all-time high at a certain point in time. Another type of car key is the remote key, which is a more advanced version of the basic form that was just discussed.

These come with an in-built transponder and which transmits a signal to the car’s onboard system to either lock or unlock the vehicle. These types of keys run on batteries and usually have a battery life of up to 3 to 4 years. These keys do have a drawback however and that is if by some misfortune you misplace them then you would have to reprogram a key to your vehicle and this can be quite a costly process. These keys were the first type of keys to also introduce the feature of a central locking system which made securing your vehicle that much easier and quicker.

The most modern type of car keys are the smart keys you see in modern day vehicles. These keys are by far the most advance and secure in comparison to their predecessors. One would be able to see smart keys quite commonly associated with good brands such as Toyota. Toyota car key known for their user-friendliness and security. These smart keys can unlock your door by simply being within a certain radius to your vehicle so you can even unlock your vehicle without ever taking them out of your pocket.

This could be quite useful if you have your hands full with groceries for example. Smart keys are very secure and very difficult to hack, with most of them having the feature of turning on your engine without even having to insert it anywhere. A word of caution, misplacing these keys can be even more costly than misplacing a remote key as smart keys have a greater degree of control over your vehicle.

They have come a long way!

Car keys have indeed come a long way from being a primitive key you have to insert in your vehicle to unlock it and turn on your engine with most of the world and the car industry now transitioning to smart keys. It goes without being said that your car keys will continue to be an important part of your vehicle regardless of the type, size or shape.


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