Installing The Right Type Of Fence

Having a sturdy fence is crucial and should be one of the parts of our home that we give special attention to. A durable and reliable fence would increase the security of our home and keep unwanted animals from barging into our homes and causing mayhem. There are several types of fence that you could choose from ranging from materials used and their purposes; i.e. fences around corners, etc.

When choosing the right type of fence, there are several factors to consider such as price, availability of the materials and if they are weather appropriate, size and for those living in exclusive villages if it is property or homeowner association approved.

Determine The Most Appropriate Type Of Fence

There are several types of fences, material wise. Among the most popular are wood, wrought iron, and aluminum. Recently, there’s been a surge of recognition for the installation of Colorbond fence since it is made to last and withstand damage sustained by fences made from other materials. Colorbond fencing is different from iron fences since it would not be destroyed and damaged by rust. It is also more heavy duty than wood since it would not be affected by termites. These fences are also fire resistant for those homes that are in constant risk of wildfire and bushfire. Even with all these advantages and benefits, they are still affordable making them a popular choice.

Choose The Type That Needs Less Maintenance

Fences that require less maintenance such as repainting, treating to avoid damage by rust, applying sealants to be waterproof and or heat proof should be one of your top choices. Caring for your fence should not require too much effort and time for you. If the materials are built to last and you only need some minor touch ups after several months, the fence is worth your money.

Privacy Vs. Security

When it comes to design, fences also vary, and you might come to choose if you prefer privacy or security. For example, chain link fences could keep stray animals away from your home and keep your kids in when they are playing in the backyard and you could not keep an eye on them 24/7. However, they could not provide privacy if in case you want to spend the afternoon dipping in your kid’s pool away from the judging eyes of your neighbors. If you managed to find a fence that provided both and is still visually pleasing and complements the existing design of your home, you got a winner.

Should You Consider “Living Fences”?

Called as such, “living fences” are also steadily gaining attention among homeowners. These shrubs, hedges and other ornamental plants serve as fences and or barriers in some homes. They are preferred by those who have a green thumb and enjoys gardening as a hobby. This might be too much work for others but if done and grown properly, it provides a certain beauty and charm to your home. Some of the plants could also provide privacy such as juniper and arborvitae.

Whatever type of fence you choose, it is better to do your research beforehand if the type would be able to function as to how you want it to be and indestructible enough to provide you with privacy and security for a long time.

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