Innovate Your Business: Practical Ideas For Small Businesses

Technology comes with a cost. Such holds true as the prices for the latest mobile phone models ridiculously escalate. The same goes for the laptops, tablets, televisions, and other gadgets. Although this perspective is common on a personal level, the small businesses also feel the same way. That is why small businesses are often seen doing manual work because automation comes with a cost. As much as the small businesses want to automate their operations, a large capital is required to do so. In any start-up business, profit is not realized after a month of operations. Most of the time, it takes months or years to achieve such profit and return on investment. Then again, there are still some practical ways that small businesses could consider to make their operations more efficient.

Use of Social Media

In this day and age when everyone seems to be “online” all the time, the small businesses can use social media as a medium to reach their target market. In fact, social media is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business. With just a couple of clicks and great content, you can easily convey the core and purpose of your business. Nowadays, the world has entered the digital age. Gone are the days when you print posters and flyers for your workers to distribute and stick to any wall that they come across. This task usually lasts for many days and your audience will depend solely on the area where you distributed and glued your marketing collaterals. However, due to the digital age, all you have to do is take a picture, edit in photoshop, write some text, open a social media account, edit some properties, and voila! You’re done!

Computerized Point-of-Sale

Although some business owners may regard the POS systems as an unnecessary expense as its tasks could be done manually, think again. Automation makes your life easier. So why burden yourself if there is a practical way of doing it perfectly? If you are a retail business owner or a restaurant owner, such upgrade is best suitable for you. Employing this system will save you from the barcodes and prices that you have to input manually every time you make a sale. The more human intervention there is, the higher the probability of committing an error. With this system, you can also easily manage your inventory and take note of the sales trends. It even notifies you of the certain item that you need to restock. This computerized point-of-sale system will certainly aid you in boosting your operational efficiency.


In the process of automation, tremendous data is being placed in the systems. Although such a move boosts your operational efficiency, it also makes your data vulnerable to breach. This is, in fact, evident by the several news on data breaches that have surfaced over the years. Apparently, small businesses are not an exemption to any cyber attacks. To address such problem, small businesses should employ security measures to protect their data. Be vigilant and prepare backups and recovery solutions in case of any worst-case scenario.

With the highly competitive business environment, organizations, regardless of the size, should embrace the changes that come their way. Being narrow-minded when it comes to innovation will only harm your organization. Be open to new things so your business can sustain its operations.


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