How Your Business Can Benefit from Moving to Oracle Cloud

Moving your ERP to a cloud service will result in many benefits such as allowing you to scale the business easily, reducing energy costs of operation and low maintenance costs.  Oracle Cloud is offered by Cloud Corporation and has a network of managed data centres around the globe to provide its services.

Oracle Cloud provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Data as a Service (DaaS). You can get the help of JD Edwards partner to guide you in moving your ERP to Oracle Cloud. You need to find the right partner or consultant to guide the integration of Oracle solutions and the migration of data. You have to look at how they can save you costs and time with their service. You should get your IT team involved in this so that they can work together with the consultant to arrive at a cloud solution that is best for the company. Oracle Cloud supports many databases, programming languages, third party software, open source solutions etc. so it is a very versatile product. You can save money on subscription costs as you can get access to effective infrastructure capabilities the moment you pay your initial monthly instalment. Traditionally, you will have to spend a large fee up front and this can affect the company finances considerably. You can also save on the costs for hardware and will be able to become more efficient in a shorter time. A benefit of Oracle IaaS is that you can transfer all applications, other business software and ERP to the cloud. 

You can also streamline your performance by providing a shared infrastructure that will allow your business to operate faster and more efficiently. You will be able to scale up or scale down the business when required. There will be fewer manual processes to operate so that you will be able to make tasks faster. Oracle Cloud also provides innovative solutions for business growth. It is an easy product to work with and your employees will be able to pick it up faster. These innovative solutions can help with the long term goals you have for the business as you can access more power and storage facilities. You can also modify server capacity when you want depending on the needs of the business and you can develop new apps to make your processes more streamlined. Oracle Cloud is adaptable and it will allow you to move with the changing market conditions easily.

Overcomplicating your data processes can rack up the cost and your time. You need to have a simple solution for migrating the workloads you have at the moment and transferring them to an IaaS solution is the best way to capitalize on performance efficiency. You can migrate your analytics software and existing architecture in a short duration. If you have to deal with extra locations when you are scaling up, Oracle Cloud can handle this extra load. You can also add virtual servers when you need them. This flexibility that you get from Oracle Cloud will help you become more competitive as a company.


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