How Tools Have Made Construction Easier

There is an old saying that with the right tools any task would be easy to complete. Of course the types of tools will vary according to the task at hand. In the field of masonry, tools are of absolute importance and form the very foundation of how to do construction. From advanced tools used by professional construction companies to basic ones used by everyday people, the market is littered with different types to suit whatever your need may be. Let’s take a look at some basic tools that an average person should know how to use.

The Trowel is a Classic

The trowel is a very common tool in masonry and comes in different kinds and sizes. Ideally the blade of this tool should be made with forged steel to extend its longevity. The handle itself should ideally be made out of a solid type of wood and have a surface which is easy and comfortable to grip. The larger types of trowels in the market have a blade with a length of around 7 to 9 inches. The two most popular and well known trowels in the field are the London and Philadelphia trowel. These are renowned for their easy usage and reliable durability. It is important to know how to grip this tool, it is recommended that you hold the wooden handle with four fingers and place your thumb exactly where the metal and handle meet. This is how most professionals hold it as this enables you to take out the best in your tool.

The Ever-important Hammer

What would a Mason or anyone involved in construction be without a hammer? This tool is not only used for its core function which is hammering nails but is also effectively used in splitting bricks with its other end. The other end serves as a small chisel and is sharp enough to cut and split bricks and other materials. You could use this to make clinical cuts around the masonry. A few small blows from the chisel-like end and a heavy blow with the business end of the hammer can present you with a cleanly cut piece. This process of course needs some practice, it cannot be mastered with just one or two attempts. In today’s dynamic market people can purchase bricklaying tools online, simply in the comfort of their home. It is what you hope to use the tool for and how big a task it is you want done. If you feel the task at hand is out of your depth it is always better to consult a professional with more advanced tools.

Safety Is Important

It is always better to have some safety gear on when trying to do a small bit of building yourself, when using such tools like chisels you may have small pieces of brick flying out towards your face. This is where safety gear like goggles come into play so as to ensure your eyes are protected. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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