How to Improve Durability of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is exposed to so many weather conditions such as sunlight, wind, snow, rain etc. And there will be a lot of dirt and dust that you will need to clean regularly as well. But there are ways you can improve durability; with time there will be wear and tear anyway but you can slow down this process with good maintenance.

Ensuring durability of outdoor furniture Townsville starts from the beginning. You need to select high quality furniture that is made from strong materials. Consider the resistance of the material to different weather conditions. Some of the durable options when it comes to materials are stainless steel, aluminium, cedar and teak. These also have low maintenance requirements which can serve you well over the years. Consider how well the material can withstand exposure to UV radiation as this can cause fading and discolouration in some materials. Also, check the resistance of the material when it comes to extreme temperature changes and moisture. You can consider choosing high quality furniture as an investment as you will not need to replace them often. And this will save you money in the long run.

Generally, outdoor furniture will come with a protective coating or finishing.

The finishing will be different depending on the material used. You will come across weather resistant paints, sealants, varnishes etc. And these finishes will protect the material against other environmental factors. You may not be able to rely on the protection of the original finish forever as it can wear down with time. But you can check with the supplier about their recommendation for when the finish has to be applied again. You can reapply these finishes so that protection is restored. Even with low maintenance materials, it can help a lot if you can clean them regularly. There will be so many pollutants collecting on the material such as dirt, debris, smoke etc. And you can use a gentle detergent with a water to clean it. Make sure not to use any hard bristled brushes or harsh cleaners. You need to have the furniture dry completely before it can be used.

You may not use the furniture year-round especially if you experience seasonal changes.

So you will need to store the furniture when you have long periods of harsh weather. Or you may be going on a long vacation which will lead to the furniture not being used for a period. In these situations, you have to store them safely out of the way of elements. Indoor storage is recommended but if this is not possible, you can look into furniture covers that are designed to be used outdoors and protect the materials from UV exposure, dust and moisture. Sun exposure can damage furniture and you will see discolouration or fading of the material as a result. It is recommended to keep the furniture in shaded areas. You can use canopies or umbrellas to give shade and this will also encourage you to use the outdoor space more.


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