How To Ensure the Safety of Your Kid’s Play Mat?

When it comes to our children’s safety, we could never be too sure. We would double or even triple check before we purchase something that our kids will use. A play mat is one of those items that our kids will frequently use from the moment they were born until they have their own room.

As an infant, the play mat could be used when we are changing their diapers and of course, when they are old enough, they could use it when they are playing for their comfort and to avoid getting cold because of sitting down on top of the icy, hard floor.

Since a play mat is a purchase that your kid could use as they grow old, it is necessary that you take the time in buying them to ensure that the mat would grow old with your kid.

Check the play mat’s materials

One of the ways you could ensure the safeness of the mat is by checking the materials. Make sure that the materials do not include anything that is toxic and could be fatal if in case your kid digest it (this could not be avoided since kids especially young ones have the tendency to put things in their mouth). You could not watch your kid all the time when they are using the play mat and for your own peace of mind.

If you are not sure about the safety of the material, do your research but as a rule of thumb, avoid kids floor mat with PVC which is the most common material. Check to see as well if the play mat is hypoallergenic and soft since babies’ skin are sensitive and we would not want them getting scraped and grazed from the play mat’s material.

Inspect the mat’s thickness

Babies and kids are naturally curious and would not stay still. To avoid some bruises and bumps, make sure that the mat is thick enough that in the event your kid’s playing become too rough, they would not feel that hurt since the mat cushioned the impact.

Anti-slip feature

Another way to ensure the play mat is safe is that if it has an anti-slip feature. This is particularly important since this would guarantee that the play mat would not skid and move around while being used since this would endanger your kid. Most play mat that has an anti-slip feature are also detachable especially if they are made out of cotton for easier washing and cleaning.

Water resistant

This is a feature that is not just for the kids’ safety but also for the parents’ convenience. If the play mat is water resistant, there is less risk for the kids to slip if and when there are accidental spills. Parents would also benefit since they would not need to clean the play mat as often as there are spillages.

Checking these safety features of your kid’s play mat would give you peace of mind because you are providing your kid harmless and non-toxic mat, they could use for limitless play time.


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