How to Conserve Electricity and Why You Should Do It

It has always been true that the world’s primary reasons for new inventions were to create articles of convenience. Every new innovation and idea was concerned with bringing ease into our livelihoods. And electricity is one of the biggest reasons for making life more convenient, more entertaining and also more hectic. It is what keeps the world functioning and without it we would be totally lost. Yet, there is a need to conserve electricity, because the way it is being harvested is depleting our planet’s limited resources. So how do you conserve electricity?

Go Natural and Organic

Try to make maximum the use of the sun’s natural light. When it is daylight do not turn on the artificial lights. Move your workspace to a window and you can have a well-lit desk for a solid 6 hours at least (depending on which part of the world you are in). Also do certain things the way it used to be done in the past. Hand-wash your clothes if you have the time, rather than machine-washing them. Dry your clothes by hanging them on the line instead of air-drying them in the machine. Have a shower without heating or cooling the water and limit your use of the AC. Do things like it used to be done in the olden days and you can conserve a whole lot of electricity.


Change Your Bulbs

Always and I mean always change the normal incandescent light bulbs you have with fluorescent CFL or LED bulbs. LED’s and CFL’s are huge energy savers and are also lot more energy- efficient not to mention they produce less heat thereby keeping the house cooler. They are slightly more expensive than the incandescent bulbs but are fully worth the money. Other than changing your bulbs you should also turn the lights off when you are not in the room otherwise you are wasting a lot of electricity. Hire a domestic electrician Campbellfield to help you understand how best you can conserve energy in your home.

Unplug What You Can

When your appliances are not in use then unplug them because whether or not they are turned off, if they remain plugged in then they are still draining the energy in your house. Especially computers, the TV and your sound system, these are the gas guzzling giants in the world of household electronics. It may seem a bit bothersome to keep plugging and unplugging your electronics at home but I promise that it is what is best. Replace older appliances with newer and more efficient models that consume less energy.


These are just a few of the numerous ways by which you can try to conserve electricity at home. The need for conservation of electricity is more vital now than it was years ago. Our need and greed for the energy that powers our world is also destroying it. Which means that we should do something to stop it before it is too late or at least make an effort to be more conscious of our consumption of energy.

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