How to Choose the Right Salesforce Consulting Partner for Your Business

Most of the implementation projects tend to fail due to the issues such as unrealistic expectations, poor quality of data and unaccountable project management. Therefore, it is the best to choose a salesforce Consulting partner who can provide your organization with expertise with regard to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). So here are some tips for you to consider when choosing the best salesforce consulting partner.


First look into whether your business need has been addressed before. Most of the time you will be able to find unless your business need is extremely unique. Also look for case studies of salesforce implementation related to your business and industry. It is always better if you can find someone you know who has already adopted salesforce. You can join salesforce official forums to get advice and reviews from people who already use this service.

More Options the Better

This is not limited to finding a Salesforce consulting partner. You always have to compare among many vendors in order to decide the best option for your business. Therefore, never choose the first vendor you come across especially someone with a fancy business proposal. Ask for demos and proof of their work. A well-established Salesforce consulting partner will normally have an action plan for new clients.

Make a List of Potential Partners

Making a list of the certified partners will assist you when choosing the most suitable project. Ask your Account Executive to do that job and then he will try and match a partner with the business. You can also find Salesforce admins in social media platforms where you can clarify questions with regard to issues like implementation problems and app feasibility.

Communication is Key

The partner you choose should try to verify your entire business process in order find out whether your business process or data models are flawed. The right salesforce partner will be able to discuss and advice you as to the changes required to be done in the model data and business process.


Make sure you choose a certified Salesforce consulting partner. There is a strong certification program and tiers are awarded as Registered, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global Strategic Partner.


Trying to find the cheapest Salesforce consulting partner won’t do any good for your business. Therefore, try to find the most comprehensive and time-efficient Salesforce Implementation instead of the most cost effective one.

Project Management Strategy

After you agree upon the scope of work, you have to discuss about the process of execution of the work and also about the stakeholder responsibilities and contingency plan for mitigation of risks before commencing work.

Long-term Partner

Try to find a Salesforce consulting partner who can support your business from the implementation stage through the evolving needs of the business.

Always follow a systematic approach when finding a Salesforce consulting partner because your business needs an expert for customer related processes to achieve a better business performance. Finding the best Salesforce consulting partner will ensure the growth of your business.


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