How To Be Environmentally Friendly When Getting Gifts: Reuse and Recycle

When one receives a gift, most tend to forget about the packaging and only focus on the gift. Understandable, but somehow, leaving the packaging can be a big waste.

How to create a lasting impression with gift packaging?

As we have known, packaging plays a huge role in the entire concept of gifting. The unfortunate thing about it is that the receiver would just toss away the packaging once opened!

It could be because of the following reasons.

  • They tend to think it would just increase the waste in the home if stored
  • The quality of the packaging is not worth keeping it
  • They are not considerate of the efforts exerted by the sender to make this packaging.

If you are one of these people, now is the time to start utilizing these decorative pieces instead of trashing them. You must be wondering how to use them, then continue reading below.

The ultimate purpose of it is recycling.

When it comes to recycling, we do not only mean cardboard boxes. Nowadays there are gift boxes that also come in other materials to promote reusing of it. Such as steel or aluminium gift boxes. 

How to appropriately utilize gift packaging?

Let us discuss this using various scenarios.

Purchasing a jewellery

Pieces of jewellery come in top-notch boxes that can be reused in multiple ways. Below are a few ways one could use the jewellery box for-

  • Keeping jewellery safe
  • Reusing to gift valuable jewellery 
  • Can be used in the bathroom to store hair clips and ties
  • One can use it in the kitchen to keep the toothpicks or the rubber bands.

And, so on the list goes. However, it comes in handy to store little things efficiently.

Receiving corporate gifts

Firms tend to be very thoughtful with their gifts and packaging. Whether they are sending it out to a client, sponsor, stakeholder, or an employee- they make sure to maintain a level of quality to sustain their reputation and brand’s image. Most firms tend to use nice boxes like Hamilton cases to present their gifts.

They set a new level of packaging and class for the firm. These boxes have a magnetic closure. Therefore, one can reuse this box endless time. Either they can use it to store valuable goodies or reuse it for packaging a gift again. The durability and the quality of the box do not drop even after opening the present!

The Christmas gifts

This annual holiday is full of celebrations and gifts! And with that comes, a lot of packaging’s, in different shapes and sizes! Therefore, depending on the package’s size, one can reuse it accordingly.

Gift’s bag

These definitely come in handy in the future! If the bags aren’t damaged, one could reuse them for moving goods around!

Big boxes of gifts

Maybe you got a huge present, or maybe, you brought the decorative in a huge box- either way there is a huge box at home! One could use this box to store their children’s toys. Or, they could use it to stock up the extra books. Otherwise, one could also use it to collect unnecessary items before giving them away. In simple, it is a great storage unit!


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