How Do You Take Care of Leather Shoes?

Leather shoes can make any outfit look rich. You’d want the shoes to be in the best condition, which you can do with the below points. Everything that would help maintain them is discussed.

Purchase a Shoehorn

Something that would prevent the back of the shoe from weakening would be a shoehorn. The contraption lets your foot easily slide in, without any pressure being exerted on the leather.

Why’re they called horns? Before you panic, they’re not made from animal horns. They got the moniker as they used to be made from horns the past.

Always Wear Socks

Not wearing socks would not only look odd, but you’d also be damaging your shoes. The sweat from your feet would stain and weaken the shoes’ insides. Don’t forget that the insides would collect odour too.

Not wearing socks might be uncomfortable – your feet would feel sore. And the collection of moisture could cause rubbing.

Use a Brush

You’d think that you should use polish on your shoe. But the leather on it is delicate – special conditioners would work wonders instead. Many prolong the aging process as well as nourish the leather.

As you won’t be using polishes, you might be wondering, how do you get the shoes to look in pristine condition? This is where shoe brushes come in. Make sure that brush you get has soft, natural fibres. The longer the fibres, the more effective of a polish you’ll also achieve.

Less Conditioner is More

Let’s talk about the creams again. As they allow the leather to age better, you may think rubbing a lot would be a good idea. Just a pea-sized drop is needed.

Placing a lot of conditioners would block the pores in the leather, and prevent the material from breathing. The shoe could also look very greasy, which is not what you want.

Let Shoes Dry

Due to natural perspiration, you should let your shoes dry for a day after you’ve worn them. You’re advised to not wear leather shoes on consecutive days because of this. To help them dry faster, don’t use a blow dryer; the leather could permanently get damaged.

Speaking of keeping the shoes dry, you can apply a leather shoe protector. It would act as a waterproof coating which would have to be sprayed on.

Regularly Get Rid of Dirt

Each time you’re done wearing the shoes, it would be a good practice to clean any dirt that may have gotten on. A brush lightly over the surface would do the trick, or you can purchase a microfiber cloth.

Let’s summarize. Leather shoes can be pricey; you’d want them to look pristine for the longest time. You can ensure they’re in perfect condition by heeding the above points. They’re thankfully not too hard to implement. From the points discussed, the easiest to do would be spraying a waterproof coating on your shoes. Using a shoehorn is pretty easy too, and it would prevent the back of the leather from weakening.


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