How Do You Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient?

Why wouldn’t you want to make your car more fuel efficient? You’d be helping the environment as well as saving cash – you wouldn’t have to constantly be pumping fuel. Keep in mind the below points for the best things you could do.

Reduce the Weight

How much weight is your vehicle carrying? Limit the number of items onboard. This would prevent the car from being heavy, which would burn more fuel.

Speaking of driving a heavy car, its default parts may add considerable weight. Don’t be afraid to swap them out for lighter options. They’d increase fuel efficiency as well as let you drive a speedier vehicle.


If you own an older model, the chances of it having a stop-start feature would be high. When it’s just idling, the engine would automatically switch off. The feature is useful as it wouldn’t let fuel be wasted.

Newer vehicles don’t come with the feature, but you can stop your car whenever the engine is just idling. In the long run, the amount of fuel you’ll be saving could be a lot.


Let’s talk about your vehicle being old again. Unfortunately, it has seen better days. The parts inside of it that burn fuel may be clogged, resulting in reduced efficiency. There is no way you’ll be able to know this until you get a mechanic to regularly check its insides.

A part that might not be in the best condition could be your spark plug. It is what creates the fire to ignite the fuel. If not much fire is produced, how well the fuel would be burned would be affected.


The parts in your car might be in good condition. However, you could modify the vehicle’s insides and add better parts. Think about including a new exhaust wrap. It’s not expensive to purchase. It would not let heat leave the engine, causing the mostfuel to be burned as possible.

Look for trusted dealers, especially if you’re looking to modify a more expensive car model. You’ll reduce the chances of getting scammed. Large names like Performance Heaven have reputations to live up to. If you want to work with performance heaven AMG parts would freely be available.


What speeds would you be driving at? Keep the speed steady at around 40-45 mpH. By driving faster, more fuel would be used. What would eat the most gas would be rapid acceleration along with hitting your breaks hard. This is especially true if your spark plug isn’t doing a good job.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things you could do to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. They’d not only help the environment, but you’d be saving money as you wouldn’t have to constantly be pumping gas. From the things that you could do, something that would help the most would be taking your car to the mechanic. Some of its parts may be causing energy to not be burned that well.


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