Gifts For Your Wife on Your Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is very special to the one celebrating it because this day is when two people in love came together and whose bond has been going strong. On such day you would want to give the best surprise for your wife. There are many ways to surprise her and below listed are some.

Serve breakfast in bed

Usually, the wife is the one who takes care of your meals and she enjoys doing it. to surprise her on the wedding day you can cook breakfast for your wife and serve it in bed. She would be so happy to see that gesture. You can cook up her favourite dish with a beverage she prefers or you can serve an English breakfast with tea, arrange it neatly on a tray with may be a small note wishing her a happy anniversary and anything else you wish to say.

Don’t worry about not knowing to cook, you don’t have to be a professional. There are many cooking videos you can follow and do exactly as it say. Repeat this gesture on and off on other days too.

Listen to her ideas

Plan the day with your wife, sit with her and listen to her idea of spending the day, ask her If there is any place she wants to visit or any activity that she wants to do with you.

Plan a vacation

Almost all of us are busy and it would be a great idea to travel somewhere and rest. If you don’t want to travel abroad you can book a Moama resort and go relax and have a great time with your wife.

You can take her abroad as well. Living with her you may have an idea of the place she wants to visit, make all the necessary arrangement beforehand and surprise her with the tickets on the wedding day.

A road trip is another way of having a nice getaway.

Go on a picnic

If the weather is beautiful picnic is the best. To surprise her you can make all her favourite snacks with some beverages and take her on a picnic to a scenic place.

Arrange a romantic dinner

Arrange a nice romantic dinner may be at your house or you can book a restaurant and take her there. if you are doing it at home, you can decorate the backyard or the terrace with tables and chair and lights and candles, if you are not good at decorating you can hire people to do it for you. Look up a recipe and cook her favourite meal and enjoy the night.

Travel down the memory lane

It an amazing feeling to relive the past. You would remember the place where you first met, proposed and had your first date. You can arrange a small event at this place with cake and bouquet and maybe reenact your proposal.

Get her something

You can shop online or go to a store to find her a beautiful dress with matching jewellery.


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