Framing 101: Things to Consider

There is hardly anything more individual than a photo or artwork that is significant to you, whether this is family photos, your favourite artwork, a photo of your favourite city, monument, or your favourite car, sports player, or degree certificate, etc. Framing important items can assist in making your property feel more like a home.

Choosing the appropriate picture frame to emphasize these images or artworks can be a difficult undertaking for some, so we have compiled a list of picture framing suggestions to consider when picking what to frame as well as how to frame.

Select Something That Is Significant to Frame

It’s usually a good idea to frame a photo or piece of artwork that makes you happy. Framing a photograph solely for the purpose of hanging it on the wall will never be noticed, nor will you enjoy having it in your home.

Choosing a picture or piece of art that has particular significance to you will bring back fond memories every time you cross it in your home. Furthermore, because these types of framed things are seldom found in your local department shop, they generally become a talking topic with visitors!

When it comes to like a degree certificate, these things must definitely be framed. If you want certificate frames Melbourne has quite a few places that will do the job for you perfectly.

Think About What You’re Framing

Consider the value of a photograph or piece of artwork before determining how to frame it. A ready-made framework is more than enough if you have generated a normal sized ten cent image that can effortlessly be re-printed and just want to put it on a shelf.

However, if you have a collector’s edition or original artwork with financial value, or your great grandparents original wedding picture with personal significance, it’s always a good idea to have it expertly framed so it’s done with caution and all components used are acid free to avoid any horrible discoloration in the future.

Think About the Wall Space

If you want to adorn a specific wall in your home with a framed picture or artwork, evaluate the wall space to choose how large you wish your frame to be.

Consider utilizing a large landscape photo or painting with matboard and a huge frame on a huge wall. Alternately, three smaller framed images or artwork series could be arranged in a row. Either choice will turn your vast wall into a focal point.

Create a Layout Using Paper Before You Begin

Occasionally it’s just too difficult to visualize the finished size of a frame, and confusion sets in. The ideal approach is to purchase some inexpensive coloured card or perhaps deli paper from your local office supply store.

Cut the sheet to the size of the required frame and blu-tac it to the wall. Take a look around the room to determine whether you like the size. If it’s too huge, just cut it down till you’re satisfied with the size.

This strategy also makes planning and visualizing a gallery wall quite simple. If you already have a collection of frames that you want to exhibit but aren’t sure how to organize them, cut paper rectangles the very same size as each frame. 


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