Everything You Need to Know About Carpets

Whether the carpet is used for creating more friction on the flooring, or as a decorative element, here is what you need to know.

Tips To Keep in Mind When Cleaning Soft Carpets

Efficient flow of air

There should be efficient airflow as the soft carpet tufts are highly delicate. Therefore, avoid using a vacuum machine that is very concentrated or has a high sealed suction level.

Use large wheels

It is ideal to use a vacuum cleaner with large wheels on soft carpeting as it is easier to move around. Smaller wheels tend to create more friction on the carpet, resulting in damaging the soft tufts. 

How To Sustain the Fresh and New Look of The Carpet?

Have a regular vacuum schedule to prevent soil, dirt and dust piling up. Perhaps, vacuums come with a rotating brush, suction tube, and beater bar. Therefore, depending on the type of carpet, one should keep in mind to choose the right kind of vacuum machine. 

At all times, use a scissor to cut off snags and sprouts. Do NOT pull it out-as it can damage the carpet. 

Bearing the traffic in mind and the usage of the carpets- you should consider a professional cleaning every 12-18 months. Check out https://optimacleaners.com.au/ for all your carpet requirements.

If your carpet has heavy dents from furniture placement, remove it by stroking it with the edge of a coin or even a hairdryer. Though, make sure not to use excessive heat on the carpet.

It is advised to consult professional help if the affected areas cannot be treated at home with DIY techniques. In that case, whether your carpet is soaked on both sides due to water spills or it has a burnt patch; carpet experts can solve your issues. 

Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes down to Do It Yourself cleaning techniques, there are a few common carpet cleaning mistakes one should keep in mind to avoid. 

Perhaps, it is ideal to go to a professional carpet cleaner to ensure a safe and ultimate cleaning- as they are fully equipped with advanced machinery. 

However, the basic cleaning can be done at home also to ensure a fresh look. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Avoid exerting too much pressure on the carpet while brushing or scrubbing. It can ruin the texture of the carpet.

Even using a rotating brush can damage the fibres and pull them out or loosen them. 

Eliminate all traces of detergent, shampoos, and other chemicals used. As mentioned, the residues of these are sticky. And, it can trap dirt dust and lock it on the carpet. 

Avoid using a damp carpet, as it can permanently change the texture of the carpet and flatten the fibres. Whether it is about the furniture placement, or even walking on a moist carpet- one should wait until the carpet is completely dried. 

Do not forget the carpet requires a lot of ventilation after steam or shampoo cleaning. 

One should avoid fastening the cleaning process or doing it haphazardly. Rushing the process will lead to more issues.


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