Etiquette to Follow in a Massage Parlour

It is normal to feel excited and anxious when you’re booking an erotic massage. You can even let the massage parlour know that you’re a first time visitor so that they can explain some of the guidelines they have in place and clarify any questions that you have. However, when visiting any massage parlour it is advised to follow basic etiquette to ensure that you’re not causing discomfort or disturbance.

Practising Good Hygiene

Hygiene is a very important aspect of basic massage etiquette. There are some massage parlours that will insist on a full body wash and clean in advance. While the massage should be relaxing and enjoyable to you, your masseuse should be equally engaged in it as well. Bad hygiene such as bad breath and unwashed skin that has dust or grime can be quite unpleasant for the masseuse. You can go to the website and check what their policy on hygiene is so that there are no misunderstandings. When it comes to hygiene, you can trim your body hair if you prefer as the masseuse’s hands on your smooth body can feel very sensual. Waxing is another option. But an essential is showering in advance to get rid of body odour. It can be very pleasurable for the masseuse as well. You can also inquire from the massage parlour whether you can have a shower in their quarters if it is easier for you.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking Right Before the Massage

Smoking immediately before the massage can be quite detrimental as the toxins from tobacco smoke can seep into your skin during the massage. Your skin will be quite pliant because of the massage and these toxins can get on their hands and as a result, be spread all over your body. Also, smoking gives a foul odour to your breath and it can be quite off-putting for another person who is in close quarters with you. The same issue with the odour applies to drinking. Light drinking is fine to calm your nerves. But heavy drinking is a big no when it comes to massages. Massage parlours are very protective of their staff and massaging a very intoxicated person can be unsafe for them.

Clear Communication

You have to communicate with the masseuse and be transparent about what you’re looking for whether it is a sensual massage, deep tissue massage or just a relaxing massage to unwind after a busy day. You can specify what you want and whether you want the masseuse to focus on a certain area of your body. You can also give your input on the massage oil fragrances that are used if you feel that some have a stronger scent that you don’t like. Try to keep up a conversation and built up a rapport with the masseuse. You also have to know what rules apply when it comes to touching the masseuse. Make sure that you ask the massage parlour and clear out what you can and cannot do.


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