Different Ways to Use a Lip Gloss

The lip gloss is one of the classics when it comes to makeup. Even before we learned how to use a lipstick, most likely we have used a lip gloss at some point before. Lip glosses are easy to use – just swipe them over your lips and you’ll have a slightly tinted pout that shines beautifully, it could instantly bring anyone’s attention to your lips.

Lip glosses were shunned many decades ago but now they are making their big comeback. This makeup product has grown popular and is even used in a variety of ways aside from simply adding colour to the lips. If you have a tube of lip gloss that you don’t use a lot, here are some amazing ways on how you could use it.

Make Your Lips Look Full

If you have thin lips and you want to make it look fuller, a simple lip gloss can greatly help you with that. Use it together with your regular lipstick to create a fuller pout. You can do this by applying your favourite lipstick as usual, dab it and add another layer for longer wear.

Now, to create a dimension of fullness on your lips, dab your lip gloss once into the centre of both your upper and lower lip, smack your lips gently to spread the product and be amazed with the natural full effect it creates. If you’re looking for different shades of lip gloss to suit your makeup, this lip gloss pack is definitely what you need.

Avoid Dry-Looking Lips

There are times when you don’t want to wear a full lipstick and you just want a simple lip liner to create a natural look. However, your lips are prone to looking dry especially when it doesn’t have any product on. Avoid that dry and flat-looking lips by wearing a lip gloss instead. It doesn’t have a full colour like a lipstick and it just gives your lips a natural shine all day long. It’s all up to you whether you just want a thin layer of gloss or something shinier.

Revive Old Lipsticks

We all have that favourite lipstick that have dried up or just not hydrating enough for your lips. Instead of ditching them away, you could reformulate them by adding a few drops of lip gloss into the container to add some moisture and shine to its regular formula. You can enjoy a shinier and more hydrating lipstick formula without having to buy a new one.

Instant Highlighter

Lastly, you could also use your lip gloss on your cheeks as a highlighter. After applying your base and blush, you could create a dewy look by adding a bit of gloss on your cheekbones and even on the nose bridge. Be sure that you’re using cream-based makeup when you do this technique to avoid ruining the whole look.

The lip gloss is really useful and versatile when it comes to its uses. Have more fun with your makeup and experiment with the different ways to use a lip gloss.


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