Different Methods for Waste Disposal

Many countries around the globe face the massive issue of conducting waste disposal without causing any harm to the environment. But what they might not be aware is that there are different methods that can be used for different types of waste, so if one method is harmful for a certain type of waste, you can always opt to the several other ways of doing this in a responsible manner. This article is compiled to shine light on the varied methods of waste disposal so let me direct you to them without further ado;


Incineration involves the burning and destroying of waste to be found with remain in the form of ash and a by-product of heat which can be used for energy creation. This method is very effective as it is able to reduce the amount of waste by 95% by being less costly as well. So, this method can be a great advantage to many countries in their mission to responsible waste disposal.

Recycling and Reusing

Recycling and reusing is becoming something that is being preached all around the world due to the increasing number of plastic products. Recycling and reusing plastic and rubber products would prevent it from harming the environment from burning or destroying them as they would give out smoke that is too toxic. There are many companies that take up the recycling of plastic and rubber so get rid of your tyres here for a good cause instead of burning them unnecessarily.

Implementing Vermicompost

This type of waste disposal is done on biodegradable waste such as food and others with the help of worms. These worms are able to provide nutrition to the waste along with sand making them extremely fertile and suitable for agriculture and other plantation activities through the inclusion of worm faeces. This kind of disposal is also known to be very effective.

Hygienic Landfill

Landfill is done to areas with less porous sand and has low levels of ground water. What is done through this is that the non-degradable waste is carefully separated and spread out in layers before sand is added to it for compression. This is then left for around 25 years to decompose. It is advisory to avoid building skyscrapers in landfilled environments, as it may not be as sturdy as expected in order to provide support for a large building.

Fertilizer Generation

This kind of disposal involves the association of organic waste which would be left to decompose and be suitable to be used in agriculture and other plantation activities due to its properties being extremely degradable and safe for the harvesting of fruits and vegetables.

So, there you go, those are some of the most popular ways of disposing garbage in a responsible manner. Through any of the above given methods, you can have the outcome of not having any guilt with the way you dispose things as none of them lead towards environmental destruction in any way. So, use one or more of the options given above and contribute towards the earth as well.

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