Cement Coatings Vs. Ceramic Coatings

If you take a good look around the building structures that are touching the surface of the clouds, these huge man made structures are designed and surfaced with the help of concrete or cement base mixture, giving it shape and definite to withstand on the ground levels. Building structures are rather given a cement coating before the final brush of painting is done.

While there is the concrete coating for building structure we also have a ceramic coating for vehicle bodies. These ceramic coatings have been used for a long time in both the exterior and the interior of car surfaces to preserve its lifelong beauty and avoid any damage from dust and usage over time. While ceramic coatings and concrete coatings are totally different from each other, both serve primarily for safety and acting as a shield of cover in whatever the surface they are applied to.

Here are some approaches where concrete coating and ceramic coatings are used and how;


The applicators of these two well-known coating substances differ from one another. Interior commercial space floors and walls are made by embedding concrete or ceramic base liquid inside made structures so that they harden to give a rather defined outcome. Applications such as retail shops, houses, malls, and building car parks get the most benefited aspect out of cement coatings for just about any commercial or industrial property.

Whereas ceramic coatings are more of paint protection that is generally spayed on the bodies of cars or vehicles that act as a shield against various paint-damaging sources. These are water-resistant and also resistant to some chemicals that have possible meanings of harm.


Both these coatings have increased longevity in its characteristics, but how long this is going to last completely depends on the components and the condition of the surface into which these are put. Cement floors easily show signs of crack with a huge impact on the building, yet these are capable to withstand pressure.

And with ceramic coating to your car, it causes the impact of debris and harmful chemicals or even the UV rays from the sun to have less effect on the exterior of the car protecting it from damage, The car would be able to retains its glossy outlook without even a pressure wash for the longest of time avoiding sticky outsides.

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Look Enhancing

Having a ceramic coating gives your car the magical touch and peace of mind into having serviced again and again which can be costly.

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