Benefits of Using a Coil Nail Gun

When working on the roof, a coil nailer comes in helpful. This is a little pistol-shaped tool that aids in the installation of fasteners. Because of its extensive use in roofing work, it is also known as a roofing nailer. The nailer is also useful for outer drywall jobs. Regular roofing nails could be used in the nailer; instead, nails on a coil must be utilized. Although many tools are used in roofing jobs, the coil nailer has significant advantages, which are listed below.

Easy To Use

The coil gun is a small and portable tool. As a result, it is simple to deal with. It also helps with portability. When working in limited locations, the tool’s compact size makes it easier to use. It eliminates a lot of the effort and strain that comes with using a hammer. You don’t have to put forth as much physical effort. This minimizes the likelihood of weariness. The ergonomic handle is standard on most coil gun types. This gives you the optimum grip while working. It also makes working more comfortable.

High Performance

A roofing nailer is a compressor tool that runs on compressed air. As a result, it has a significant power output.  It enables you to drive screws into shingles much more quickly than a hammer. Aside from being fast, it is also precise. Fasteners keep securely in place once placed. If you utilize a coil gun for the job, you won’t be able to complete the repairs very soon. This increases the lifespan of your roof. If, on the other hand, a hammer is employed, not only is more time and effort required, but the roofing may not remain stable for long.


The depth-of-drive dial on most roof nailers allows to create the desired depth for the task using coil nails. The coil gun makes it simple to countersink bolts, shallow drive them, or flush mount them.

Most models will accommodate nails of varying lengths. These might range from 12 inches to less than 2 inches. It allows you to be more flexible at work. Many versions additionally include a zero-nail lockout feature, which prevents dry fire when the mag is empty. When put on the roof, the tool’s skid plates help hold it in place.

High Storage Capacity

The coil gun can hold more fasteners than most other instruments. The magazine has a capacity of 150 coiled nails. You won’t have to reload as frequently once you’ve fully loaded. This results in fewer interruptions while working. It cuts down on idleness and aids in maintaining focus. When it’s time to reload, the tool will notify you. When you’ve had to reload, you don’t have to put in a lot of time or effort. This aids in the seamless flow of work. It also allows you to perform tasks more quickly.


The roofing nail gun is a reliable roofing equipment. It requires little care, which contributes to its durability. When properly cared for, the instrument can last for several years. The housing of roofing nailers is built of a tough metal, such as magnesium or magnesium, which adds to their longevity.


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