Basic Guide to Dentures

If you are interested in obtaining dentures, you need to understand what they entail and the level of maintenance required to keep them. There are many ways that dentures can improve your health. They are basically artificial teeth and gums that are custom made to your mouth cavity in order to replace missing or removed teeth. There are partial and complete dentures so you can either use them to cover only the teeth that are missing or you can replace all the teeth that are on top or bottom gum lines.

Courtney Dental Dentures Townsville will make sure that your teeth are a perfect fit as the teeth are custom designed to ensure they fit your mouth properly and match the colour and form of existing teeth as well. Dentures were traditionally made out of plastic or porcelain but currently they are made of a hard resin. However, dentures have a higher chance of chipping or cracking if you drop them or don’t take good care of them. They are not as strong as natural teeth. The resin can also wear down quickly so you need to keep up with replacements. However, you can go about five years wearing dentures without replacing them. The natural um line in dentures is also made out of the same resin or a flexible polymer. This ensures they fit naturally and comfortably.

There are many reasons to wear dentures as well. If you are missing a few teeth and are conscious about your smile, dentures can provide a good solution. They can also preserve the structure of the mouth. It can be hard to chew food when you are missing quite a lot of teeth and this is something that can be resolved by wearing dentures. If you have severe damage to your teeth or there is a lot of tooth decay, you will need to have the teeth removed. Dentures can act as a replacement and you will be able to chew food easily as well which will help you maintain good nutrition. If tooth replacement is required, partial dentures can help. There are other tooth replacement methods as well but most of it requires surrounding natural teeth to be able to support the dental structures. With partial dentures, this is not a requirement. Also, if you are missing more than a couple of teeth, it is an option to consider.

Partial dentures will get some support from the nearby teeth to ensure that they don’t fall out of place. You can however, remove these dentures when you are brushing your teeth or sleeping. So they are not permanent structures. Complete dentures are a replacement for all natural teeth and an oral adhesive or suction is used to keep them in place. They are removable as well. Then there are immediate dentures that are used in the interval between removing teeth and fitting permanent dentures. You need to allow some time for the healing process after extraction. If there are no natural teeth left, overdentures is an option to consider.


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