Age old debate against private vs. public schools: are they good or bad?

There’s a plethora of differences between public schools and private schools in this world. An entire myriad if you will. Like I said, it’s an age old debate for parents and it has been so for generations. Of course, affordability segments a whole faction of these parents for this option to be applicable only to those that can afford it.

Now, private education has a stigmatized label of elitism attached to it, the entire world is privy to it. But when a parent, and deciding which way to weigh into in terms of public or private schools, one needs to ask themselves if the benefits reaped against the high costs of sending your child to private schools logan. Now of course, when it comes to calculating the true cost of anything, the tax schedules imparting to different regions of the world make everything so much harder, an absolute pain – does it not?

But there’s also tiers to priorities when it comes to personal opinions about things like faith, culture, social norms etc. For a tangent of parents out there, the actual monetary cost comes in second place in comparison to the perceived value of cultural integration, social engagement, and faith that is encouraged.

Of course, these are questions that have lasted for centuries on end, objective theories and whatnot, you see. It’s not too easy to just point out if one is right or wrong, seeing as how perception of individuals play a huge role in determining these decisions.

But you know, instead of blatantly looking at it in black and white, parents should try and look at it in a way that singles out what type of schooling environment their child should be surrounded by.


According to most studies conducted as of late, very much like the stigmatized notion suggests, the ratio of newer teachers in private schools to public schools are higher. This can of course be directly attributed to the fact that public schools provide greater salaries, improved benefits and so on and so forth.

Public school teachers in relation are of a greater chance of having master’s degrees, and they’re more likely to be taking part in any sort of professional development in comparison to private schools – they are said to be paid more, than private schools.


The world’s most famous non-secret, secret; private schools are so expensive. Local taxes pay public schools and related expenses minus a small fee they may charge; private schools can range from a lonely window shopper to a lowly individual trying for identity theft.

Make sure that whatever your choice may be as a parent, at the end of the day, it must duly encourage the right environment for your child to reasonably ask questions, doubt their facts and figures, safely, and learn to trust their decision making skills in the long run so as to produce responsible young adults into the growing society.


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