8 Most Popular Paint Colours This 2019

One of the essential tips in home painting is to never leave a wall as blank as it is. Painting your home interior is a great way to upgrade its boring look. There are no rules when picking a wall colour. If you’re seeking for new paint colour ideas, here are the most popular paint colour trends this year.


For a classy look, the colour hazelnut is a perfect choice. Its creamy look blends well with other colours and textures. Hazelnut colour perfectly brightens a dim area and makes it look bigger also.

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Lilac Grey

Lilac grey is becoming popular this year. Lots of homeowners choose this colour as an accent to an area. It can blend with almost any colour and is refreshing to the eye. Aside from that, it is also gender neutral and gives a warm and cheerful feeling to any room.

Lush Greens

Choosing green hues for your interior colour theme makes your home look more relaxing and refreshing. Green colours take us back to the nature that’s why it is a perfect colour choice for living rooms. It also works best with earthy colours and gives stability to your design. When using green hues, make sure to keep the area well-lit since it can make a room look a little bit darker.


Pastel colours are making their way in interior design. These colours look great on gender neutral rooms and other areas you want to liven up. Unlike other bold colours, pastels don’t look overwhelming so you won’t get bored with your colour theme. Muted pastels are much more popular on minimalist homes since it adds colour without being too imposing.

Soft Clay

Another trending colour tone for home interior is soft clay. This palette ranges from caramels, terra cotta, and burnt orange which gives a zesty aura on any room. Soft clay colour is a popular pick among adventurous people who love trying out new colour schemes.


Blue tones are loved by homeowners who prefer a more casual look in their home. There are plenty of hues to choose from so make sure that you pick ones that complement each other. Try having a combination of rich dark hues, lighter tones and muted pastels for a harmonious look. These colours give a soothing and relaxing vibe, perfect for bedrooms or places where you rest.


Another popular pick, mustard yellow is a great alternative to gold. However, don’t overdo it as it makes a room look overwhelming. Simple hints and pops of mustard is enough to add richness and elegance to an area. It can even be used to draw attention on focal points.


Mist interior colour is a new trend today. It is actually a combination of muted pastels blue and green with a hint of grey and lilac undertone. Instead of painting walls plain white or beige, try using mist for an interesting appeal.


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