7 Tips to Effectively & Efficiently Clean Your House

Cleaning your house can take hours and hours of your time. Even then you may not be able to clean every area of your home that desperately needs to be cleaned within a limited time slot of your daily life. Discovering an effective and efficient way to clean your house is not always that easy. But effectiveness and efficiency are needed if we want to be productive and save time in our daily lives. I have listed out 7 tips on how to effectively and efficiently clean your house below:

1.      Clean the Entire House

You can make cleaning much easier and more efficient if you pick a specific task such as mopping, sweeping or vacuuming and do that particular task around the entire house, rather than one particular area at a time. You could choose a task 5-7 days a week and carry out that task around the whole house for optimum cleaning! By choosing to clean your house this way you could avoid the feeling of a never-ending cleaning loop. But, if you are having a lazy day and happen to live in the area, you could opt for a home cleaning service in Ballarat on your off-days.

2.      Grab a Caddy!

Ensure to purchase a caddy or bucket in order to carry all your cleaning supplies together. By doing this   cleaning becomes more efficient as your cleaning tools will be in one place and you will be able to carry them from one room to another, which will save you a lot of time.

3.      Get Rid of the Clutter

What is the use of all your cleaning if your house is all cluttered up? Before you start your usual cleaning routine, ensure to clear up the clutter around your house and place the items where they need to go, throw it away or make a donation to your local community charities.

4.      Naturally Clean your Windows

You do not need a whole bunch of newspapers or toxic chemical cleansers to make your windows shine. You can make your own home-made non-chemical cleanser. For instance, you can form a mixture with 8-parts water and 1-part white vinegar and transfer it into a spray bottle. In addition, utilize a paper coffee filter to wipe windows as it is more effective, softer and finer compared to newspapers.

5.      Dusting & Vacuuming

Ensure to switch off any fans in the house before you begin the dusting process. Focus on dusting on top of furniture, shelves, handrails, TV screens, ornaments, frames and blinds. In addition, invest in a powerful vacuum as it will assist you in cleaning the floors rapidly.

6.      Clean sinks, tubs and toilets

Clean up your kitchen sink and quickly move on to your dirty bathroom sinks, toilets and tubs. Let the cleanser do its magic for a few minutes and go back to your kitchen and begin to scrub the muck out. Afterwards, remember to clean out the microwave and finally clean up the toilets in the house.

7.      Get Everyone Involved!

Mum doesn’t have to do all the cleaning in the house! Take the initiative to make cleaning a family bonding session. This can help in ensuring the house gets cleaned faster. Slot in a time with your family and assign various cleaning tasks to each individual. This can be fun and make the house shine like it is meant to within a shorter time span.

Grab your cleaning tools and get cleaning now!


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