6 Ways to Lower Your Workplace’s Utility Bills

If your work-place’s utility bills are through the roof, don’t worry. The below points would help you bring them down. Keep reading.

Ditch Old Appliances

The best way to cut energy costs is by getting rid of old appliances. It’d cost quite a bit to replace them. However, newer alternatives would be investments. The appliances that are old may not be efficient.

Get an electrician to regularly check your appliances. They may not be old, but there may be issues that are causing them to suck up too much power.

Like many businesses, you may be renting portable generators. Working with reputed names is vital. This would ensure that you get generators that have been taken care of – they could be grossly inefficient otherwise. Thankfully for you, Aggreko in Australia is notorious for how well its generators are taken care of.

Energy Symbols

There are specific appliances that were made to not use much power. They have star symbols on their sides. Purchasing them would not be hard – they’re freely available. Yes, they’re pricier to purchase than regular counterparts. However, utility bills would be lower.

Improve Insulation

Your office may be in a floor of the building that’s not been renovated as well as the rest. The insulation in the vicinity could be lacking. There would be drafts that let heat enter and escape. You’d be blasting the AC and heater as a result.

There are many things you could do to improve the insulation. One of the most popular is closing any cracks in the walls, windows and doors. You may also be able to attach weatherstrips to close drafts thanks to doors.

Once the cracks have been dealt with, there are things you could do to further improve insulation. Replace the glass on the windows to thicker options. You could swap the curtains for thick ones as well. And if you have blinds, ditch them. They aren’t as insulative as thick curtains.

Smart Switches

How many computers, peripheral devices and appliances are in the vicinity? If they’re plugged into outlets but are fully charged, they would still be sucking up power. Smart switches are available – they’d turn off the power supply when not in use.

New Light Bulbs

Just like old appliances would not be efficient, this is true for old light bulbs too. Similar to appliances, certain lightbulbs were made to be energy efficient. Go for options that have advertised this on their side.

Fix Leaky Faucets

The faucets in the office may be leaking. Think about it – the additional drops over years could total to bills much more massive than they should have been. There are also certain toilets that use less water to get the job done. They might be worth your time.

Final Thoughts

There’s quite a lot of ways to lower the utility bills for your office. One of the best things to do is change the appliances for more energy efficient ones; there are ones specifically made to use less electricity. Appliances that are old would be the least efficient.


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