5 Tips for Creating an Amazing TV Commercial

The right TV commercial can really take your brand to new heights. Even with the advent of streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, people still regularly watch TV. This means that even today you still have a chance to reach a wide audience through this medium.

The best TV commercials always stick with us. For instance if you were old enough in 2001, you may recall seeing Qantas’ ‘The Spirit of Australia’ advertisement.  Despite being 19 years old, the ad is still retained in the memory of a lot of Australians.

If you’re planning to produce your own TV commercial, we’ve got some tips to help you make it amazing and memorable:

Think Outside Of the Box

Creativity is one of the most important ingredients in any advertisements. It’s absolutely essential if you want to wade through a sea of mediocrity and grab the viewer’s attention.

How exactly does one think outside the box? The trick is to come at the topic with a unique angle. For instance, Tide’s 2018 Super Bowl advertisement cleverly broke the fourth wall by acknowledging the fact that it’s a promotional video, making for an incredibly memorable production.

Don’t Get Caught Up In Bureaucracy

You might wonder ‘if creativity is so important then why do some major companies put out boring ads?’ Often times this can be blamed on the bureaucratic processes within the company itself. If every advertisement has to be approved by multiple senior personnel, then opinions can clash and typically a lot of things will get cut out. Upper management may not like to take risks in general because they don’t want another PR issue on their hands.

Hence, if you’re hiring a TVC production Brisbane agency to create this ad for you, we highly recommend that you don’t bombard them with lots of restrictions.

Create a Story

The best way to hold the viewer’s attention is to tell a story. So create a plot and characters and introduce conflicts. This way the reader will be interested to know what happens next in the sequence of events and more importantly, you can make your product to be the hero by having it resolve the conflict.

Use an Influencer

An influencer is an expert in your niche that has garnered the respect of your viewers. Hence, their endorsement counts a lot. Influencers can be anyone from a popular politician to an international celebrity. For instance, back in 2001, Pepsi included Britney Spears in a commercial because she was immensely popular and respected at the time.

One must always be careful when picking influencers. Because if an influencer does something negative, your brand could receive some of the fallback as well. Therefore, we recommend paying close attention to their personality and past behaviour. Determine whether they’re likely to do something that could invite publish backlash in the future.

Be Authentic

Viewers can often tell whether brands are endorsing a message because they truly believe in it or whether they’re just jumping on a bandwagon. Hence, we recommend only promoting messages that you truly believe in.

With these five tips, you’ll be able to create an effective TV commercial in no time!

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