5 Great Eveningwear Dress Ideas

Whether it be a date, birthday party, cocktail party or just a girl’s night out evening dress wear ideas are always welcome. There is something empowering about looking gorgeous in whatever you choose to wear for the occasion.

For reasons unknown us ladies enjoy looking extra good when we set out for our evening adventures maybe it’s the party lights or the many Instagram posts we hope to get. Either way looking good not only motivates you to enjoy yourself, it immediately acts as a mood booster. Each occasion may require different styles and patterns so here are a few ideas that could help you out.

Floral for days

Floral patterns are very feminine and dainty. If it is a tea party out with your friends or even a casual date anything floral patterned gives off a causal, easy going yet really pretty vibe. The dress itself can be long or short depending on your style paired up with flats or heels. However floral can be both light and dark coloured. Pick colours and patterns that flatter your skin colour and what makes you feel the most comfortable.

Sequin bling

Sometimes there’s nothing that screams night out like a sequined blingy dress. Even if you are not someone who particularly likes the bling, sequins are a must try at some point. Blacks, slivers or dark colours sequined dresses look dressy and chic.

It shows off the real badass in you. However, if you are feeling bold and a little edgy go for something that really shines out. Light coloured sequined dresses can be seen easier as they catch light. Strap on some killer heels, makeup and a bold lip to complete your unstoppable look.


Going for a date with someone you really like? Silk is an ideal choice in this case. Silk clings on to your curves accentuating your natural figure. It fits in all the right places giving off a natural, elegant and sexy look. There are many different types of stylish silk dresses in various colours and cuts. Since silk is a material that can be very clingy it is important to wear a style and shape that you are comfortable in.


Leather is probably the coolest idea if you want to look edgy, chic yet sophisticated. Anything leather is sexy so make sure to dress it up just right. However, leather can be uncomfortable if you are not used to it. It does not work best in a hot climate so if you don’t want to end up like Ross wearing leather pants in the heat, wear leather if you are going to an air conditioned or cool location.


Sheer is a clear or see-through material that takes credit in the details. Wearing something sheer most of the time requires something to be worn underneath. Sheer is a daring, chic, bold and fun type of eveningwear. If you are feeling extra confident sheer is one way to make a statement.


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