5 Best Plants to Beautify Your Pergola

Having a well maintained garden surely adds beauty to your home. However, it would be such a waste if you don’t have a place where you could appreciate its beauty while enjoying the outdoors. This is when pergolas come into the picture. Pergolas are overhead structures that could serve as outdoor sitting areas or focal point in your garden. To make it more beautiful and emphasize its design, plants and vines are usually used to decorate it and even provide shade under the pergola. Not sure which plants look great on pergolas? Here are the best vines that are perfect to grow on your garden pergola.


If you live in a place with warmer climate, the bougainvillea plant perfectly suits this climate. This beautiful flowering vine has blossoms that range from a variety of colours like white, red, yellow and pink. This vine grows fast but be sure to tie the shoots to a sturdy structure for support. However, this plant doesn’t do well on cold weather so be sure to move it somewhere protected during the winter months.

Pink Jasmine

This lovely vine is popular on gardens because of it sweet scent and beautiful blossoms. Its flowers are pink on the outer part yet white on the inside. This plant can be easily trained and grown over pergolas and even shaped into anything. Pink jasmine can grow flowers all throughout the year but its blooming seasons are during winter and spring. If you’re still planning to add an outdoor seating area in your garden, check out Garden Craft pergola builders for stylish designs perfect for your garden.


If you’re looking for a unique way to beautify your pergola, grapevines are just the perfect solution for you. Grapes aren’t just limited to Mediterranean regions, it grows perfectly well in any climate as long as you get the right soil and support structure it needs. Aside from providing shade in your garden seating area, you can also enjoy succulent fruits during its season.

Climbing Roses

Roses are beautiful but the climbing variety is really perfect for pergolas and arbours. Aside from its strong stalks, it can also grow thickly which can perfectly provide shade under the pergola. Its blossoms range from a wide variety of colours such as red, pink and white. Aside from beautifying your pergola with its colourful flowers, this lovely plant also adds an intoxicating fragrance around your garden seating area.


If you love vines that grow tiny clusters of blossoms, the Wisteria plant is a must try. You can choose from a variety of colours such as purple and pink. However, this vine requires regular maintenance like pruning and training to make its stem stronger, control its thickness and shape.

Beautifying a pergola is not as hard as you think. Simply plant these lovely vines below your pergola and they will definitely give a natural-looking yet beautiful shade for your garden seating area. Try these and see the difference for yourself.

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